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The Foundation program is the basis for all studio majors at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. Courses are structured provide students with the fundamental principles of creating art – the skills, techniques, historical context, and critical thinking that support all work in the arts at every stage in an artist’s career. The first-year curriculum is comprised of intensive courses in drawing, two- and three-dimensional design, digital imaging, art history, and written and verbal communications. PCA&D’s first-year studio faculty are all working artists who teach students how to recognize and produce good ideas and how to communicate through art in ways that are traditional, personal and professional.



Foundation Year Curriculum

FD 101 Drawing I     3.0 cr
FD 103/104 2-D Design I/II     6.0 cr
FD 106 3-D Design*     3.0 cr
FD 109 Digital Imaging*     3.0 cr
FVC 101/102 Foundations of Verbal Communication I/II     6.0 cr
AH 105 Western Art I     3.0 cr
AH 106 Western Art II     3.0 cr

FD 102 Drawing II (for graphic design, fine arts and illustration majors)     3.0 cr
PH 102 Survey of Light: Intro. to B&W Photography (for photography majors)     3.0 cr

Total Credits:     30.0 cr

*These courses are taken in separate (fall or spring) semesters, allowing students to take two 15-credit semesters.


For more information on the foundation curriculum or course descriptions, please download our current catalog.



Statement of Goals & Outcomes: Foundation Department


Students who successfully complete the foundation year studio curriculum will be able to:
• Demonstrate the ability to design in two and three dimensions.

• Demonstrate the ability to make art based on observations.

• Demonstrate craftsmanship skills using two- and three- dimensional and digital media.

• Demonstrate the ability to critique one's own work and the work of others.


Fine Art
Graphic Design
Liberal Arts
Laptop/Camera Requirements
Student Artwork







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