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Library Hours


Summer Hours


Monday-Friday           8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Closed for lunch.


Closed September 1, 2014


Regular Hours - Beginning September 2, 2014


Monday-Thursday        7:45 am - 10:00 pm

Friday                        7:45 am - 8:00 pm

Saturday-Sunday         Noon - 4:00 pm



Contact Information


Karen Hutchison, Library Director

717.396.7833  x1021


Library Mission Statement


The mission of Pennsylvania College of Art & Design’s Library is to support and reflect the mission of the College. The library offers students, faculty and staff access to a diverse collection of print and non-print resources from study to scholarly level.  The holdings support the curriculum while also providing materials that fall between or across disciplines that have curricular value. The library acquires, organizes and makes available resources in the areas of art, design and art history, and develops and maintains a core collection of primary and secondary materials in all liberal arts disciplines, regardless of curricular emphasis.



Collection Maintenance Policy

Collection Responsibility

The library director is responsible for the development and maintenance of the library’s collection.
Faculty, students and staff requesting material to be added to the collection must complete an
online PCA&D Request to Purchase Material form. All requested material is reviewed for its
adherence to the library’s selection guidelines and must be approved by the library director. It is
the library director’s responsibility to solicit selections from the faculty in their respective areas of
expertise. It is the faculty’s responsibility to monitor their professional literature and inform the
library director of assigned textbooks and other material that would be useful for course
requirements and students’ research needs.

Collection Selection Guidelines

The library’s mission statement will provide the framework for selection of all formats of material
to be added to the collection. Gifts will be accepted based upon the same criteria as purchased
items. Fulfillment of academic goals and the quality of the content are first considered in making a selection. In addition, the following are considered: strength of current holdings in a particular area; lasting value of content; appropriateness of level; suitability of format; authority of author; reputation of publisher; and cost.

Additional Considerations


      Duplicates are purchased under special consideration determined by the library director.


      Hardcover copies of books are preferred over paper backs


      Current publications will comprise the majority of selection. Keeping in mind the difficulty

      and expense of obtaining out-of-print and reprinted material, it is important to spend
      funds for valuable current publications of long-term worth, thus preventing a future need
      for retrospective buying.

      The library acquires primarily English language reference and research sources. Foreign               language titles with exceptional visual images will also be considered.

      All historical periods and world geographical locations will be considered for acquisition.

      Formats considered for library acquisitions include print material, audio visual and electronic
      resources. Any and all developing technology will be reviewed and considered for further


Collection Weeding


The library director periodically reviews the collection to identify any outdated or damaged
material and will determine if the material should be withdrawn or replaced. Faculty members are
encouraged to identify any material in their area of expertise that they feel is irrelevant.



Intellectual Freedom

Pennsylvania College of Art & Design supports the American Library Association’s Bill of Rights
statement concerning intellectual freedom. Attempts will be made to acquire material that
represents differing opinions on controversial matters. Selection is without partisanship regarding
matters of race, sex, religion, or moral philosophy.

In the event that some materials selected are challenged, the following procedure will be
followed. The library will not remove any challenged material acquired under present selection
policies until a formal review mandates such action.

1. Any person wishing to challenge any library holding may do so by first completing an online
PCA&D Request for Reconsideration of Library Resources form.

2. The library director will analyze the work in terms of the ALA policy on Intellectual Freedom,
the College's Mission and Core Values and the library’s current Collection Management Policy.

3. If the complaint is not resolved at this point, the Chairs Council will convene an ad hoc
committee to review the work in question. The committee will consist of: the library director;
faculty member(s) representing the subject area most closely related to the work in question; and
student representative(s).

4. The complaint will be reviewed by the committee in an open meeting, at which time a simple
majority will make a decision. A formal report of the decision will be supplied to the complainant
and a copy will be filed in the library director’s office.







This page updated July 2014







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