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Employers have this to say about Pennsylvania College of Art & Design interns

"It was a pleasure to work with Tim [Tim Behler '10, Graphic Design] -- his comfortable nature and excitement about the work made it easy to integrate him into our design team.  Tim offered appropriate and useful suggestions in all meetings and helped to craft new directions at Armstrong.  His knowledge of cutting-edge technology allowed him to demonstrate Adobe Kuler to the design team who incorporated its use immediately.  Thank you for sending Tim our way."
~ Julia Pierce, senior manager commercial product design, Armstrong World Industries, Inc., Lancaster, PA

"I needed an intern who would grasp concepts quickly and complete work on time.  Ken [Kenneth Lieb '10, Illustration] was able to produce exactly what I wanted--illustrations for the Borough of Columbia (PA) that accurately and appealingly described proposed development outcomes.  Not only did his work reflect that goal but Ken put forth a great deal of effort and time on every piece. He worked very well with me and showed a high level of professionalism at all times.  Ken will be successful working with all types of clients--a key ability for illustrators to have."
~ Jeri Stumpf, president, Jeri E. Stumpf & Associates, Inc. Willow Street, PA

"Adam [Adam DelMarcelle '10, Graphic Design] participated in a number of logo design projects with Infantree.  He produced marks for everything from a non-profit organic farm in Ethiopia to a wine label for a boutique winery in California.  He also learned a proprietary screen printing process we use and worked on a poster for the Fulton's Childrens Theater.  Infantree has an old letterpress that Adam helped to get operational by researching missing parts and spending time at the Heritage Museum's printing shop for additional training.  Adam's biggest undertaking was the "We Are Lancaster" zine.  He handled the layout, did much of the photography and screen-printed 100 one-color covers.  The zine was a project for which we only gave Adam the vision and set him loose to make it his own.  He did an excellent job."
~ Ryan Martin, creative strategist, The Infantree, Lancaster, PA

"We needed an intern to establish an art program for adult students who are blind and vision impaired. With input from trained staff, Tina [Tina Blizzard '10, Fine Arts] developed an art class that consisted of hands-on instruction in a variety of media that emphasized tactile processes. The class also included lectures on various art periods and much discussion about how to adapt materials and techniques to the needs of individual students. In addition to providing excellent instruction to her students, Tina helped them grow in self-confidence and to believe in themselves as artists. We saw our clients make
new friends, reach new goals in art-making and exhibit pride in what they had done. At the conclusion of the program, Tina was instrumental in guiding the coordination of a final exhibit."
~ Shandra Mortensen, volunteer coordinator and Bernadette Anderson, vision rehabilitation therapist, Susquehanna Association for the Blind, Lancaster, PA

"As an intern, I expected Lisandro [Lisandro Gonzalez '10, Illustration] to have good painting, drawing and communication skills.  But in addition, he came with a strong sense of professionalism and an understanding that deadlines in illustration must be met on time.  In terms of his own work, Lisandro kept an open mind and was willing to push his boundaries and try new things.  He accepted criticism well and was determined to improve."
~ Steve Belledin, illustrator 

"Astrid [Astrid Salim '10, Graphic Design] is EXCEPTIONAL!  From the first meeting with her, we were impressed by her professionalism and skill.  She took on two challenging projects:  a corporate brochure project that needed to be approved by two different organizations with two different sets of design guidelines and development of a new logo for us.  Astrid presented work as requested; explained her design decisions well and handled feedback and critique with absolute grace.  She was able to conceptualize our company and its mission in a very short period of time and accomplished all projects sent her way in a timely, efficient and creative way.  We appreciated Astrid's skills so much that we have offered her full-time employment at graduation."
~ Jenni Leister, director of operations, Ten Thousand Villages, Ephrata, PA

"Eve [Eve Cowan '10, Photography] was a wonderful intern--attentive, eager, helpful and very bright. In her major, Eve had already had experience with lighting and medium-format digital cameras.  Her skills in both traditional and digital photography gave her confidence and command in a range of work assignments from me.  Overall, Eve was a great asset."
~ Elena Dorfman, photographer, Los Angeles, CA

"Officially, Ashley [Ashley Graham '09, Fine Arts] was the development intern but she quickly became the museum intern--she was that good. Ashley was consistently creative, flexible and cooperative. She had good, workable suggestions that facilitated the projects she was assigned to. Ashley accomplished a complex research project for the development office that resulted in an organized spreadsheet of museum donors and donor prospects. She quickly understood the project and the necessity of completing it accurately. Ashley realized that she was learning something important to fine artists--how the business side of a museum actually works."
~ Margie Lamberson, director of development, Lancaster Museum of Art, Lancaster, PA


“Sarah hit the ground running. We threw lots of different projects at her during her internship with us, one of which has just been published: Discovery Channel branded ‘Earth Book: Our Changing Planet.’ Sarah helped us conceptualize, design and lay out Earth Book. Her ideas greatly improved the look and feel of the book… If you look on the credit page, you’ll see credit given to Sarah for design consultation. Future GeoNova publications will have the benefit of her design work, which is a credit not only to her, but to PCA&D as well.”
– Dan Etter, former director of publications, GeoNova (The parent company of Lancaster-based GeoNova is Discovery Communications, Inc., the leading non-fiction media company in the world, reaching more than 1.5 billion cumulative subscribers in more than 170 countries – 2008-2009.)


"In Graham's case [Graham Goss '09, Illustration], a high level of skill was already present when we began to work together.  He had a good understanding of his technique and the range of materials he could use made for an advanced student who only needed a little encouragement and guidance. I worked with him from sketch to finish on a piece for his final portfolio and found his attitude and professionalism throughout this process to be first rate."
~ Steve Chorney, illustrator 

"I have worked with a lot of interns and Cara [Cara Hutzley '10, Photography] stood out among them as a young professional who knew how to pay attention and learn from studio experiences.  Cara was always thinking about what to do next--without being asked.  She was quiet on photo shoots but understood processes and was able to use them later.  She was always punctual and put in some very long days cheerfully--a good sign in an aspiring professional photographer."
~ Anne Gummerson, photographer, Baltimore, MD

"The skills needed by a forensic artist include drawing, interviewing and ability to manage a project from start to finish.  Christine [Christine Lomnychuk '09, Illustration] was successful in understaanding and implementing the techniques of composite sketching and her level of professionalism in handling the details of each project was excellent.  Her empathy in communicating with clients makes her well suited to this profession."
~ Stephen Mancusi, forensic artist  Mr. Mancusi is also senior forensic/digital artist for the NYPD.

“I engaged my PCA&D intern [Kanghee Cho ’09, Fine Arts] in many aspects of the center’s activities. She assisted with the gallery and with setting up for classes and sculpture projects. Her sculpture project experience included providing a helping hand in ceramic mold making and the bronze casting processes. She was successful in all areas and was also able to create two of her own bronzes during the internship period.”
– George Mummert, executive director, Keystone Art & Culture Center, Lancaster, PA – 2009









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