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Mary Borgman

Formerly a professional sign language interpreter, I now translate the personalities and dignity of individuals into drawings.

My subjects are often drawn from a diversity of cultures. Through my art, I want to introduce them to others, to capture their beauty and reveal the essence of their spirit and humanity.
I work with charcoal on frosted Mylar because this translucent support allows me to build up and then erase marks to expose the luminous quality of light.

The sitters assume frontal, uncompromising poses and look directly at the viewer, turning the observer into the observed. The larger-than-life size format magnifies the intensity of the sitter’s gaze and infuses the portrait with a presence that transcends the passing moment.

~Mary Borgman

Since 2004, Borgman has been an instructor at Washington University in St. Louis, the same school from which she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Communications. She has also earned her Associate of Arts in Deaf Communications (St. Louis Community College) as well as her Master of Arts and Master of Fine Arts from Fontbonne College (also in St. Louis).

Mosaic Project, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, Lancaster, PA
Art Chicago, Merchandise Mart, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago
Portraits, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago
Photo/Realism, Clay Center, Charleston, WV
Looking Ahead: Portraits of the Mott-Warsh Collection, Muskegon Museum of Art, Muskegon, MI
Palm Beach³, Ann Nathan Gallery, Palm Beach, FL
Art Chicago, Merchandise Mart, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago
SOFA: Sculpture, Objects, Functional Art, Ann Nathan Gallery, New York, NY
SOFA: Sculpture, Objects, Functional Art, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, IL
In Black and White II, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago, IL
SOFA: Sculpture, Objects, Functional Art, Ann Nathan Gallery, New York, NY
Art Chicago, Merchandise Mart, Ann Nathan Gallery, Chicago
Palm Beach³, Ann Nathan Gallery, Palm Beach, FL


Rudy Gutierrez

An award-winning artist whose work has been exhibited nationally and abroad, Rudy Gutierrez created the CD cover art for Santana’s “Shaman.” He teaches at the Pratt Institute and lives in Bogota, New Jersey.

Artist Statement

Rudy Detres Gutierrez calls his work a “gumbo,” as it includes a mixture of elements or “languages.” He defines it as “great, universal, magic, beyond, order.” Gutierrez’s gumbo is brought to us in layers of reality combined with layers of spirit, which are formed by flat, tonal, real, abstract, raw, and refined figurative “scenes.” Sometimes, it is a deconstruction of the real; at other times, it’s finding the reality in the amorphic. At all times, he stresses, “it is about connecting.”

Gutierrez’s work has been described as “Wall Medicine” – ancient yet contemporary, urban in sense and musical in feel. The intention of his work is to touch people and its ever shifting sofrito combines sophistication and so-called primitivism, refinement and rawness, dancing between ancestors and acquaintances alike.

Just like the indigenous cultures and societies that Gutierrez says influence him, he sees his art not as a separate action but as an extension of who he is. He is very much an American artist, born and raised in the U.S., yet of Puerto Rican descent, so one can easily see in his work the values of Latin American traditions, where visual contents relate closely to political and social contexts. Gutierrez’s art reflects his deep-rooted concerns about human rights, ethic heritage and identity, popular culture, and magical spiritual manifestations found in everyday life. His pop culture references harken to heroes, angels, kings, queens and spirits both known and unknown.
Gutierrez cites his Pre-Columbian and African influences, which are easily seen as a form of rejection of established values and the constant presence of colonization. It is indeed an affirmation of his own identity. Gutierrez chooses to merge the visual parallels of the African and the Indian with an urban and world musical sensibility, thus forming the “gumbo” that is his painting. The work represents his walk through life as he inspires others to see their own “divinity.”

He believes he has a responsibility with his art to “inspire and uplift others to reach into their spirits to do whatever they do best.” Gutierrez wants to help others conquer the borders, categories and labels that develop into boxes of fear, explaining, “It is about allowing the magic that surrounds me to infiltrate the surface so that I can humbly translate for the purpose of communicating with and for those who maybe don’t have the ability to do so.”








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