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Pennsylvania College of Art & Design is one of the most affordable private art colleges in the country and is an excellent value for those seeking a professional degree in the visual arts. As a PCA&D student, you may be eligible for a full-range of federal, state, and institutional assistance that includes scholarships, non-repayable grants, educational loans, and part-time work study. More than 90 percent of our student receive some form of financial assistance.
We also offer a convenient payment plan that can cover any balances remaining after deducting financial aid awards. For priority consideration for PCA&D institutional scholarships and grants complete the Free Application of Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) by March 1. PCA&D’s financial aid code for the FAFSA is 016021. If you have questions, call us at (800) 689-0379, ext. 1013 or email

Tuition, fees and estimated additional expenses for the 2014-15 academic year are outlined below. Pennsylvania College of Art & Design reserves the right to adjust these costs at the end of each academic year with two months' notice to students.


BFA Tuition

(All costs listed are in U.S. dollars)

2014-15 annual full-time tuition: $20,500 per year (12-18 credits a semester, 2 semesters)

Full-time students may take additional coursework through our continuing education program as part of their 18 credits per semester after consulting with the dean.

Part-time students are billed at $854.00 per credit for the courses they plan to take. Courses and their credit hours are listed in the course description section of the catalog.

Professional Certificate Programs:
The college's continuing education programs, including professional certificate programs, operate on four semesters a year, so the per-credit fee and expenses are not the same as those for the Bachelor of Fine Arts programs. For information, contact our continuing education program office.



Application fee: $40
International application fee: $110, payable with application and non-refundable

Enrollment deposit: $200, payable upon notification of acceptance and credited toward the first semester's tuition. This deposit is non-refundable after May 1, even if you complete your application and gain acceptance after May 1. For more information, contact the admissions office.

Comprehensive Fee:
Comprehensive fee provide for educational, cultural, technology, Adobe Creative Cloud subscription and school-sponsored activities, as well as lab costs.

Full-time students (12 or more credits): $1,500 per year
Part-time students (7 to 11 credits): $750 per semester
Part-time students (1 to 6 credits): $550 per semester
Part-time students (1 to 6 credits) also pay a $30 lab fee per semester per course for any class involving photography, electronic design, printmaking, three-dimensional design and/or live models.

Transcript fee: $5

Graduation fee: $150, payable in the spring of the senior year

Late payment fee: $30 penalty fee if payment of tuition and fees is made after the established due date

Returned check fee: $20 penalty fee assessed for any check returned by the bank for insufficient funds


Additional Expenses

Student parking plan: student parking is available at the Water Street Parking Garage. The college will bill for parking, along with tuition, for students who wish to participate in this program. 2014-15 estimated parking cost is $440 for the academic year ($220 per semester). For more information on our student parking plans, contact our bursar's office.

Art supplies and textbooks: $1,450 per year (estimated)
All supply/book costs are approximate and will be paid by students. Student discounts are available at local art suppliers with a current Pennsylvania College of Art & Design student ID card.

Laptop and Software: $3,000 (estimated)
All PCA&D students are required to purchase an Apple laptop upon entry into the BFA program.

Digital Camera: $500 (estimated)
All PCA&D students are required to purchase a digital camera upon entry into the BFA program.

Living expenses: $8,000-$10,100 per year (estimated)
Pennsylvania College of Art & Design does not own housing or dining facilities, but the college's housing referral service will assist students in locating housing. This estimate is based on a one-year lease with two students sharing a two-bedroom apartment. This estimate includes rent, food, utilities, phone, and miscellaneous living costs. Living expenses vary according to each student. For more information, read Part I about off-campus housing or click here to email us.

Commuter expenses: $3,400 per year (estimated)
This estimate is based on a student traveling 25 miles a day, paying $220/semester for parking, and miscellaneous expenses. Costs vary depending on each student's travel and parking needs. The college organizes and furnishes car pool lists to encourage commuting students to share transportation costs.




PCA&D's Net Price Calculator

Contact Information:
Email the bursar's office (for issues of bill payment)
Email the financial aid office

FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid):
Apply for your pin to complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) –
Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) –

Direct Student Stafford Loans:
Instructions: Direct Student Stafford Loans
Access to Direct Student Stafford Loans –


Direct Parent Plus Loans:
Instructions: Direct Parent Plus Loans
Access to Direct Parent Plus Loans –


Alternative/Private Loans:
Access to Alternative/Private Loans –


Verification form for dependent students
Verification form for independent students
Work Study application
PLUS Loan denial, request for additional Stafford
Student Loan Code of Conduct

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