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The Digital Photography Certificate Program provides in-depth instruction in basic camera skills, composition, printing, color management and lighting techniques. Courses are taught by professional photographers working in the fields of commercial, advertising, portrait, event, and wedding photography. Through this program, students will develop both artistic and technical skills. Small classes allow for individualized instruction. All courses are conveniently offered on weekday evenings. The certificate can be completed in three semesters.

Be sure to sign up for classes – check our current class schedule.

Digital Photography Certificate Program

All courses are 1 credit.
• PHO 193, Introduction to Digital Photography*
• PHO 195, Event and Portrait Photography
• PHO 196, Photo Arts
• PHO 197, Photojournalism
• PHO 200, Photography Portfolio

• LA 010, Business Practices for Photographers

• LA 011, History for Photographers

• DES 158, Photoshop for Photographers



*Required course.

A total of 5 credits are required for completion of the Digital Photography Certificate Program.

Students who have previously taken digital photography courses at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design and would like to go on to complete the Digital Photography Certificate Program should call the continuing education office at (717) 396-7833.

Digital Photography student requirements:
• Submit Digital Photography application and fee
• Submit a 250-500 word typed personal statement that describes your reason for choosing a visual arts education and any influences that led to this choice
• Submit a current resume
• Successful completion of five credits of digital photography courses
• Achieve an overall 2.0 GPA or better
• Submit a disc with one project from each completed studio course

Assuming sufficient enrollment in all courses as they are offered, it is possible to complete this 5-credit program in two academic semesters. Students must complete the program within two years of the date they submit their application. Program documentation includes a certificate of completion. Transcripts are available upon written request.

To apply now or find out more about Certificate Programs, contact continuing education.







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