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Each semster we offer a mix of courses and workshops that allow students to explore the art and design of everyday life.  From interiors to exteriors and from sketchbooks to salsa, we cover it all!  One of our students shares her Artful Living experience with Fig what she has to say!



The Pennsylvania College of Art & Design’s Continuing Education department allows students of all ages to enjoy the result of PCA&D’s 31 years in professional art and design education.  With classes being offered weekday evenings and Saturdays, our adult CE students are enriching their personal lives and developing skills for the professional world.  For those specifically interested in technology and developing skills for professional purposes, our Certificate Program addresses the needs of adult students.  The program allows you to leave PCA&D with a certificate in one of the following: Digital Design: Print, Digital Design: Web, Digital Photography, and Social Media Marketing & Communications.


Pre-college classes provide students with the opportunity to build work for their portfolio and allow them to explore a new medium or technology.  Through the youth program, students gain new skills and confidence in their work.


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Continuing Education Mission Statement

Continuing Education & Youth Classes at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design provide educational opportunities in the visual arts to students of all ages and levels of ability.

Educational Goals & Outcomes

The goal of Continuing Education classes at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design is to teach skill-based art courses that apply to employment, education, or personal enrichment.










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