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There is no better way to see the impact of a PCA&D education than by talking to our accomplished alumni. Read their profiles and see what they have to say about their time as a PCA&D student and how they are living a life in art and design.






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Jonathan Yeager, Illustration 2004

• Owner of design & illustration studio,
  Wonderhead Collective
• Instructor, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design
• Produced work for Adidas, Subway, Nike,
  Wacom, and Intel

“Having so many projects going at once during my time at PCA&D helped out in the handling of many projects at once when I got into the working world. It’s all about deadlines, deadlines, deadlines!”
  Amy Boone-McCreesh, Fine Art 2007

• Awarded the 2012 fellowship at the Hamiltonian
  Gallery in Washington, DC
• Adjunct Instructor at several universities in
  the Baltimore, MD region
• Master of Fine Arts from Towson University
• Exhibiting artist and curator

“I remember taking a studio elective with Professor Moss on Wednesday mornings that was kind of a struggle at the time because it was very free and open and required direction and discipline on the student’s part. Looking back it was really indicative of what you have to deal with as an artist once the school directed assignments end. I didn’t realize it at the time, but I think it really helped with the self-motivation that is required to continue your own studio practice. There was also a Modern and Contemporary Art class, not lecture, but more theory that was very dense and required a lot of reading and writing. It was great because it opened my eyes to what art is, or can be, beyond basic art history knowledge. It allowed for a lot of open discussion and contemporary thinking which was really nice. Without it I would have been very behind with art theory and general ideas about the ebb and flow of art itself in a contemporary context.”
Steve Becker, Illustration 2004
Fubar Press on Facebook

• Art director and contributor of New York
  Times Best Selling Comic series, “FUBAR”
• Full-time graphic designer
• Lead background designer for The Fictory
  animation production of “Atomic Robo: Last Stop”
• Worked with White Wolf for the 6th edition
  of Gamma World
• Inked Tim Truman’s pencils on the
  Grimjack: Killer Instinct miniseries for IDW
• Freelance project with Rockstar Games NYC
  on the Grand Theft Auto IV add on
  “The Ballad of Gay Tony”
• Completed multiple character designs for
  Freeverse and Villain games
• Story contributor for The Magic Bullet #2 out
  of Washington D.C.
• Inked the finish for Ben and Tim
  Truman’s Hawken #6 on IDW

“What I learned at PCA&D: Good contacts and connections are worth their weight in gold. The difference between persistence and fanaticism is a working business model. Opportunity rarely ever exposes itself at your convenience. Nine times out of ten, finishing a project is far more valuable than starting. Leaving your desk/computer for a few hours here and there makes you a much more interesting person and it does the same for your work.”

Sarah Votta, Graphic Design 2011

• Event & experience designer at JPL Creative

•  Freelance designer for

   Hempfield United Methodist Church
• Past designer for Wellspring Gift

“I am grateful for the time that my instructors put into helping all of us. I learned a great deal from them and my classes. My education is the most useful tool in my professional life. Considering today’s technology, I very much appreciated our courses in social media and tips and tricks for personal business pages as I have found this to be very useful for my career.

Deciding where to go to college is difficult and I know I struggled choosing as a high school senior. I left my small town to move to Lancaster and my first year in college was eye opening and exciting. My second and third year verified my decision and after graduating from PCA&D, I can say that it was the best decision for me. Any incoming student should take full advantage of what PCA&D has to offer. You won’t regret it.”


  Doug Haring, Fine Art 1990

• Since 2005, medical illustrator, consultant
  and project manager at MediVisuals Inc.
  in Richmond, VA and received board
  certification in 2009
• Work has been exhibited nationally
  and represented in public and private
  collections internationally.
• Instructor at Pennsylvania College of
  Art & Design and Delaware College of Art & Design
• Visiting artist at several museums and colleges
• Received Master of Science degree
  from Medical College of Georgia

“In art, create believable space and texture. It is important to work hard, work fast, and make connections with people.”
Caren Geiges, Photography 2010

• Owner, Caren Anne Geiges, LLC - CAG Photography

"When I first came to PCA&D, I was originally going for graphic design. I had no photography experience whatsoever. I loved our foundation year. It gave me a chance to explore different media. I took the introduction to black and white photography class with professor, Christine Welch, and I fell in love with it. Every time we had a new photo project, I was excited to be in the darkroom and see my results. My decision was made. Taking that course was the best thing that happened to me. I wouldn’t be where I am if I had not had the chance to explore!"

Hannah Wantz, Graphic Design 2012

• Art Director at Ebbeka Design in Lincoln, NE
• Freelance graphic designer

"While at PCA&D, I worked as a student ambassador and getting involved with the college on another level made the experience even better. Being part of something outside of classes allows you to make college more than just a classroom experience. PCA&D taught me to see all situations in a different light. Not only do the teachers teach you about your profession, they teach you life lessons that stay with you for the rest of your life."

Barry Sachs, Illustration 2010

• Illustrations for “Ghost Train to Freedom

  and "Dylan the Singing Duck"
• Official colorist for “William Shatner
  Presents: Man O’ War” issues 2, 3 and 4

• Grayscale work for “FUBAR: Remember the Alamo”
• Full-time graphic designer
Red Raven Art Company’s Emerging
  Artist for April 2012; Fine art group
  shows at Kalargyros Gallery in May
  through August 2012

“PCA&D taught me how to conduct proper research of subject material for projects, how to handle different media, and most importantly how to be resourceful. I also learned how to look at my work objectively to correct things like anatomy, composition, or how to handle the rendering of my own artwork. “

Amanda Wolfe, Graphic Design, 2011

• Currently, Art Director at White Good
• Owner, Wolfe Design
• Freelance designer for North Star Marketing
• Former Production Artist with Associate Wholesalers
• Former Digital Marketing Intern with
  Woodstream Corporation
, Marketing Intern
  with RLPS Architechts, Commercial Product
  Design Intern with Armstrong World Industries
“My time at PCA&D was extremely rewarding. The real-world assignments helped me understand the process of working with clients. The teachers at PCA&D were also very knowledgeable and offered wonderful advice. I believe my experience at school was one-of-a-kind and really helped shape my career in the field of graphic design.”
Alicia Byler, Fine Art, 1990

• Owner of Mommalicous, Inc.,
  a vintage home furnishing & fashion boutique
• Exhibiting fine artist
• Has worked as a visual art instructor,
  assistant industrial designer,
  coordinator of exhibitions and visual art events

“I constantly utilize my visual art skills I developed in college, while working on merchandising and displays at my shop, Mommalicious. I treat them almost like a still life or installation project. My customers then become part of the work by removing elements from the piece…curious. I also continue to work as a painter and exhibit my work.”
Deric Hettinger, Illustration 2002

• Owner, Hettinger Murals; faux finishing,
  painting and fine art
• Part of a three-man art collective,
  ROOT222; exhibit in NYC, NY, PA, MD, and DC
• Label illustration for Hedomism by Ruckus Brewing Co. (formerly Legacy Brewing Co.)

"I learned about how to tighten my visual art skills, mostly the knowledge of draftsmanship and rendering from my professors. PCA&D also taught me the mighty “deadline”, a term I never forget or miss. And lastly the importance of working with and around my contemporaries, for inspiration and competition."
Nathan Moore, Graphic Design 2004

• Owner, Rock Hound Apparel
• Webmaster, Designer
  at Penn State University, Berks Campus
• Former graphic design & communications
  coordinator at Stratton Mountain Resort, VT
• Former graphic & web designer
  at Alloy Media & Marketing in Cranbury, NJ

“The most important thing I learned at PCA&D was technique and use of tools. I can remember taking my first design class and not being able to draw a 3-D box in Illustrator. Now I use the program daily. The professors taught us the basics and from there, we had the opportunity to take it as far as you wanted to go. You can have the best idea, but if you don’t have the necessary knowledge of the tools and design, your idea will always be just an idea.”
Steve Geist, Illustration 2006

• Producer/Project Manager at Invodo,
  leading teams of motion graphic animators
  in creating interactive video experiences that
  are played on smartphones and tablets
• Freelance and commission work
• UI/UX designer and artist at Wemo Media
• Story artist/Character designer at
  StoveGhost Studio
• Producer/Lead 2-D artist – Games for Healthy Kids
• Producer/Lead 2-D artist – Electric Racer
• Masters in Entertainment Technology degree
  from Carnegie Mellon University

“While learning how to draw and paint were fun, one of the most useful things I learned at PCA&D was to think creatively. Being a creative problem solver has given me many opportunities in my professional life.”
Angela Wilson, Graphic Design 2009

• Graphic Designer for Graham Packaging
  Company L.P., a global company and a
  worldwide leader in the design, manufacture,
  and sale of custom blow-molded plastic containers

“PCA&D taught me to trust myself in my design capabilities. They helped to give me a backbone and to stand up for my work, but to also know when to take constructive criticism and how to apply it. I could not have asked for better friends and mentors that I gained in my time at PCA&D!”

Andrew Zubko, Illustration 2004

PCA&D blog post about Andrew from 2011

• Works for Laika Entertainment on feature length
   stop-motion animated movies, such as
   ParaNorman and The Boxtrolls (to be released

   September 26 2014)
• Has had two illustrations go viral, "Betty White
  With a Flaming Chainsaw, Riding a John Ritter
" completed for The Portland Mercury and
  "Batman vs. Shark with Lightsaber"
• Clients include: The Wall Street Journal,
  North American Review, Ink & Paper Group,
  Red Sneaker String Ensemble, and
  The Portland Mercury

"While I could easily say that everything I learned at PCA&D has been equally useful, there is one thing that stands out and, incidentally does not have anything to do with what most people think of when pursuing a career in art – keeping deadlines. Throughout the years after leaving college, time management has been something that has been consistently important. It is a huge part of what I do at Laika, as well as having been an equally important component of all the freelance work I have done throughout the years.

Not only did my experience at PCA&D prepare me for a career in art, it was also one of the best times of my life. The knowledge and friendships I gained there are life-long and have greatly enriched my life. It planted the seed that is now growing into a rewarding career that keeps getting better!"

Bree DeStephano, Photography 2008

• Freelance Photography Consultant
• Past intern with Rosanne Pennella Photography
in Casablanca, Morocco

"Critiques that included an outside guests were extremely beneficial during my time at PCA&D. It reflected the real world experience of having to sell yourself and present your work to some who is interacting with it for the first time. This presented you with the opportunity to not only streamline the fashion in which you speak about your work, but also to share it in a professional manner."

Rachael Kondylas, Fine Art 2006

• Owner/operator of Open Eyes Press,
  a small screen printing and handmade
  housewares company. Products are sold
  online, at shows, and at select independent
  retailers across the country

“As a fine art major, having the opportunity to experiment with a variety of techniques and mediums, both traditional and non-traditional, has given me knowledge that I put to use on a daily basis. Whether it's editing my website, or exposing screens in the darkroom, I'm able to accomplish these things because of the variety of skills I acquired while attending PCA&D. Also, really learning about the relationship between a piece of art and it's audience has been something that has stayed with me. When I'm designing products, I'm always thinking in the back of my mind, "Who is the audience? What will make them want to have this item?" Art is about stirring up people's desire, and it's the same concept across the board, whether you're using a painting or a set of screen printed dish towels.”

Jason Getz, Graphic Design 2011

• Interactive Designer at
  Howard Miller Associates
• Freelance designer

“During my time at PCA&D I experienced a lot. I was taught to look at design differently. An example is typography. Typography plays an essential role in design and is often overlooked. PCA&D showed me its importance and taught me to appreciate, understand, and then successfully use it in my design. The graphic design field industry is constantly changing – software, design trends, and target audiences. While PCA&D taught me how to use the software and understand good design, they also taught me how to prepare myself for industry changes and how to seek additional knowledge.”

Jon di Venti, Illustration 1998

• Instructor of Visual Development
  and Concept Development at
  Ringling College of Art and Design
• Freelance and commission work

“My education and PCA&D was a whirlwind of creative and technical growth, each course playing an integral part. The head of my department, Robert Hochgertel’s, passion for illustration was contagious. He loved everything about being an illustrator from thumbnail sketches, to paying his taxes. He was instrumental in my development as an artist. My education taught me to appreciate the heritage of American illustration and the defining principles of visual storytelling. It helped me to uncover and develop my own strengths and to improve my areas of weakness. As an educator, I only hope to have the same impact on even one of my students.”

Adam Schweitzer, Graphic Design 2012

• Creative Department at Launch DM
• Past graphic designer for LCBC Church

"PCA&D taught me to not “give up” and take the easier route. Investing time and energy in something really does show and will pay off in the end. I learned to always push and try to out-do myself. I love what I do with all of my being. Graphic design is my life and I am passionate about what I do. My experience at PCA&D was definitely a good one and I will take the principals I learned with me for the rest of my life."

Nicole Duquette, Illustration 2008

• Owner of Hello Niccoco which specializes in

  stationery and prints available online and in

  unique stores nationwide
• Licensing designs with AllPort Editions

• Freelance illustrator and designer

"I think one of the most useful experiences from PCA&D was learning time management. Being able to set deadlines is key, and juggling life with work can be a challenge. The extreme focus on deadlines and being timely has really paid off.”

Ted Stoltz, Graphic Design 2005

• Multimedia producer and graphic designer

• Worked on over 20 independent short films
• Masters degree with a concentration in

  Communication Design from

  Norwich University of the Arts
• Broadcast manager for MustardTV in

  Norwich, England
• Past instructor at PCA&D teaching filmmaking,

  motion graphics, and animation
• Shortlisted for the Royal Society of Art 2013

  Student Design Awards

“The greatest thing about PCA&D was the plethora of real-world experience the professors bring to the classroom. Many projects are built around requirements you experience as a professional and some are client driven. Many explanations of concepts are accompanied by anecdotes from working in the industry, which help to drive home the importance of the knowledge being conveyed.”

Jeff McComsey, Illustration 2005
Fubar Press on Facebook

• Editor and contributor of New York
  Times Best Selling Comic series, “FUBAR
• Production artists at animation/game development

  studio The Fictory
• Freelance illustrator

“At PCA&D I learned the supremacy of the deadline and how labor intensive all forms of illustration are. Maintaining a steady work schedule is the only way to stay productive and on top of deadlines. This is definitely something that was strongly reinforced at PCA&D.”

Anthony Ortega, Illustration 2006

• Production Coordinator for the
  Center for Advanced Entertainment &
  Learning Technologies at Harrisburg University
• Masters in Entertainment Technology
  degree from Carnegie Mellon University

“My time at PCA&D gave me great exposure to traditional art skills. I was also able to connect with faculty that I now utilize for projects and have had several PCA&D students as interns. My job requires me to be flexible and versatile and my experiences at PCA&D helped me in these areas. I now connect students interested in game design and interactive media to cool projects and professionals in the industry. I guide students who intern with us in terms of creating art for video games.”

Amanda Murry, Photograpy 2008

• Owner of Amanda Murry Photography

  Portrait, Wedding & Commercial Photography

“During my time at PCA&D, I really appreciated that our instructors were working artists themselves. Their real-world experiences were so valuable in helping to teach us how to continue to pursue art outside of the college atmosphere post graduation. I also learned that the creative process is time consuming, but by coming back to a project daily it will develop and reach a ‘finished’ point. This is a very valuable lesson that carries through to being a working professional. Your career itself is a constant work in progress, so discipline, diligence and dedication are so important. Practicing this during your time at PCA&D will be so helpful when you are a working professional.”


Katrina Funk, Fine Art 2010

• Active performing and exhibiting
  artist in galleries and venues on
  the east coast
• Founder and Chief artist of a music
  and visual light show production company,
  Funky Stew Entertainment, in Philadelphia
• Masters of Fine Art from the

  Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art

“My senior year studios really taught me to be committed and independent. PCA&D helped me develop dedication as well as the ability to look at my work objectively.”

Allison Puff, Illustration 1991

• Chair of Visual Communications,
   Full Professor of Visual Communications,
   and the Acting Associate Dean of the School
   of Business at Farmingdale State College, NY
• MFA in Illustration as Visual Essay
   from the School of Visual Arts
• Freelance graphic designer and illustrator

"I found that the program at PCA&D continuously challenged and pushed me to be a better artist. The faculty and staff were always willing to help and provided me with opportunities to get involved in my chosen field. I couldn’t have asked for more in terms of the preparation and quality of the education I received. As a person who has devoted the majority of her working life to the education of artists, this is something I think back to often. I want each of the students in my programs to feel supported, challenged and encouraged the way that I was when I was at PCA&D."
Joe Pietrzak, Graphic Design 2012

• Graphic Designer, K&W Tire Company
• Freelance Graphic Designer

“The single greatest feeling is practicing a skill that you love doing, closely followed by making that skill marketable to other people. PCA&D is packed with other artists (both teachers and students) who are passionate about their livelihood and ready to share it with you. Realizing your skill as an artist is one thing, but to thrive as a professional in the world beyond is another, and PCA&D is a resource that proves to be indispensable in achieving that."

Seth Remsnyder, Fine Art 2001

• Paints and creates daily in personal studio

• Exhibiting Fine Artist in Washington DC

• Curates, plans, and advertises gallery exhibitions

• Runs an online social media shop selling original


“One of the things I am most grateful for during my time at PCA&D is the thorough training I received in the fundamentals of art and design. I learned to build a painting from the ground up. I learned the value of interdisciplinary thinking and the importance of craftsmanship. I received an outstanding knowledge of color theory and a deep understanding of classical painting techniques that I still draw from today. As far as I am concerned, when it comes to knowing what they are about, the professors I sat under were second to none.”

Evan Kitson, Illustration 2010

• Masters of Fine Art from the New York

  Academy of Art
• Teaching Assistant for Dan Thompson,

  Steven Assael, Edward Schmidt in the

  MFA Program at the New York Academy of Art
• Taught classes at the New York Academy of Art,

  Pennsylvania College of Art and Design,

  The Janus Collaborative School of Art,

  and the Teaching Studios of Art
• Substitute Instructor at the Art Students

  League of New York
• Exhibited work in galleries in New York City,

  New Jersey, and Lancaster City, Pennsylvania
• Published work in the Nerdrum School:

  The Master and His Students

“At PCA&D, I was able to work closely with the faculty and was shown the many avenues a visual arts career may be able to provide. Through their teachings, I was better able to make choices that have lead me to where I am today. Taking studios in both illustration and graphic design at PCA&D helped me to gain the skills needed to build my own website, properly photograph my own work, and maintain the professional skills needed to build my career."

Damon Styer, Fine Art 1991

newbohemia-Damon Styer

• Since 1999, running New Bohemia Signs,
   in San Francisco, a sign shop dedicated
   to producing only hand-painted signs
• Practicing fine artist
• Featured in an upcoming feature-length
   documentary on sign painting in
   America, due to be released in Spring 2013
• Featured in an accompanying book
   to be published by the Princeton
   Architectural Press, in Autumn 2012

"I remember that I originally intended to go through the graphic design program, but after the foundation year, based on the friends I made and the sensibilities with whom I most resonated, I felt compelled to pursue the fine art program. What I took from my time at PCA&D was to go for what you know! I can’t ponder the notion that I’ll find my future fortune without reflecting on how that message was instilled in me from my years in Lancaster."

Zach Kolodziejski, Graphic Design 2010

• IU - Front end developer and designer
  at Connected Sign, LLC
• Owner Graphic Discharge design studio
• Exhibiting artist and designer
• Intern at Ameritech Media

"There were so many experiences that stay fresh in my mind, but the ability to have a professional relationship with the instructors outside of the classroom was very important to me. There is a lot to be learned about someone and their art through discussion. Quite often the ideas, opinions and approach varied greatly. To this day, it still makes me take a step back and objectively look at projects with a different perspective, even if it means starting over for a better end result."

Henry Giles Crawford, Illustration 2011

• Animator and General Production Artist, The Fictory.
• Artist for FUBAR, Vic Boone, and others
• Co-Creator Igor: Occult Detective 
• Co-Creator: Factory Records Alphabet Book
• Freelance illustration and design

"I learned you're not going to like every project you get at school, and that's not going to change when you're working. Find something to like in everything you do, or something to work on. Know your weaknesses and focus on them until they become strengths. Never make the excuse "it's my style", because it isn't, it's your skills. Improve them. Do more life drawing. Draw all the time."

Randall Lear, Fine Art 2011

• Enrolled in the MFA program at American University

• Exhibiting Fine Artist in Washington DC,

  Maryland, Pennsylvania, and New York

• Published and press mentions include

  The Washington Post, Bethesda

  Maryland’s "The Gazette" and

  Going Out Guide for Montgomery County

"The most helpful thing that I have learned from PCA&D was the art making sucks in the most fantastic way possible. I learned that being an artist is not a “job”, it’s more of a life debilitating cumulative event that I wouldn’t trade for anything. I also learned never to use black in an oil painting until you know how to use color (then it’s OK, maybe even encouraged if the painting needs it). PCA&D is a great place and I wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for this particular education."

Osmyn Oree, Photography 2011

• Exhibiting photographer in Los Angeles and

  along the east coast
• Assist with the Burrowes Elementary Photography
  Club Enrichment Program

"At PCA&D I discovered "community" and how important it was for me as an artist to have these strong bonds with the people around me. I learned that without these bonds, I wouldn’t be able to do what I love. I am still in contact with a lot of my friends and other artists that were with me during my time at PCA&D. Through them I am constantly gaining new ideas and being exposed to their work. They are still a wonderful resource for honest criticism of my work, without bias, and it lets me continue to grow as a photographer."

Matt Chapman, Illustration 2008

• Adjunct instructor, PCA&D Continuing
  Education Program
• Private art instructor
• Owner of Matt Chapman Art
• List of clients include: Suzanne H. Arnold,
  All About Learning Press
, Lancaster County
  Historical Society
, The Pleasure of
  Your Company
, Correct Rx Pharmacy Inc.,
  and Belmark Inc.

• Enrolled in the Masters of Fine Art program at

  Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts

"At PCA&D, I learned to build a strong visual vocabulary, look at your art with a questioning eye, and always be open the opinion of your peers. It will only make achieving your vision as an artist stronger. To be truly successful, you have to create the art you love, not what you think others will love."

Evan Stallone, Fine Art 2009

• Art Handler and Photography Manager
   for Kamelot Estate Auctions
• Freelance instructor with the Nichols Berg Gallery
• Exhibiting fine artist
• Former gallery assistant at Nichols Berg Gallery
   in Philadelphia, PA

"PCA&D taught me that fine art is a wonderful integration of thoughtfulness, youthfulness, bravery and passion. If done right, it becomes who you are, what you’re known for, who you will become and what will last beyond your own future. Very few careers pursue a person like a calling. Jobs may come and go but the value of your creations will only increase. Art should NOT be just a personal endeavor. Working in other media with other creators - you learn how to sell your talents, which is just as much of an art as art is."

Liz Leonard, Illustration 2009

• Freelance and commission illustrator

• Fulltime Graphic Designer

• Illustrator of Moo Kitty Finds a Home-

  A Mom’s Choice Award Winner
• Attends and sells original work at conventions

  on the east coast
• Event photographer with 2 Artists Photography

"Draw everyday. Draw out of your head when you have to, use reference when you can. That may sound strange coming from someone that works predominantly cartoony, but trust me it’ll help so much. Listen to critiques from your teachers, your classmates, that weird guy on the bus... you get the idea feedback is important."



Within a year of graduation, 96% of 2011 graduates responded to placement surveys from the College. Of this number, 90% were placed in or out of their fields.







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