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  Robert Hochgertel, Chair of Illustration and Associate professor, Communication Arts Department

BFA Philadelphia College of Art (now the University of the Arts)
Activities: Freelance illustrator and designer working for various regional and national clients
Teaching Philosophy: As a communication arts professor I believe it imperative to not only teach my students how to successfully and creatively solve their class assignments, but how to become professional artists as well. Through lecture and client-driven projects I help my students make the transition from the classroom to the industry and a life in the arts.
Christine Welch, Chair of Photography and Professor, Photography Department

MFA, University of Delaware; BA, Franklin & Marshall College
Activities: Published monograph, "Commonplace", in 2004; Florence Whistler Fish Award in 2010; Nationally exhibited and represented in the collections of the Philadelphia Museum of Art and the Corcoran Gallery of Art.
Teaching Philosophy: Keep looking, keep reading, keep thinking... Cartier-Bresson said, “Your first 10,000 photographs are your worst.” That’s 278 rolls of 35mm, 833 rolls of 120 or 10,000 pieces of sheet film…so above all, keep photographing.
Pamela S. Barby, Chair of Graphic Design and Assistant professor, Graphic Design Department

BFA, Kutztown University
Activities: American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) member, Society of Design member
Teaching Philosophy: Teaching is an opportunity to educate and inspire. My goal for students is to make them aware of design and how it touches almost every part of our lives. I encourage students to solve problems, discover opportunities and create work that will make them proud to call themselves artists.
  Jeremy Waak, Chair of Foundation and Assistant professor, Foundation and Fine Arts Departments

MFA, Southern Illinois University; BFA, Memphis College of Art
Eric Weeks, Chair of Fine Art, Assistant professor, Foundation and Photography Departments

MFA, Yale University School of Arts; BFA, School of Visual Arts
Teaching Philosophy: I believe that art is about lifelong learning; about oneself and others, about what has come before us as well as the possibilities for the future. Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “The production of a work of art sheds light upon the mystery of humanity.”
  Dr. Jessica Sponsler, Chair of Liberal Arts and Instructor, Liberal Arts Department

PhD, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; MA, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill; BA, University of Pennsylvania
Manal Abu-Shaheen, Adjunct Instructor, Photography Department

MFA, Yale School of Art; BA, Sarah Lawrence College
Jordan Baumgarten, Adjunct Instructor, Photography Department

MFA, Rhode Island School of Design; BFA, University of the Arts
Laurie Beck Peterson, Adjunct Instructor, Photography Department

BFA, Syracuse University
Tom Bejgrowicz, Part-time instructor, Graphic Design Department

BFA, Kutztown University
Activities: In addition to teaching, I run Man Alive Design, my own freelance business that offers experienced, professional and diverse art direction, design & layout for printed matter. My clients are extremely varied and hail from New York to Los Angeles to Lancaster and beyond. I’m also an active photographer specializing in capturing both music and architectural abandonment.
Teaching Philosophy: While there are indeed rules of both contemporary and classic design that must be learned and adhered to, every designer has their own voice and that voice must be encouraged and nurtured to the fullest.
Charles Beyl, Assistant professor, Illustration and Graphic Design Departments

MA, Syracuse University; BA, Washington State University
Activities: Freelance illustrator for 20 years, humorous illustration for education, editorial and advertising clients. Editorial Cartoonist for the Lancaster Sunday News.
Teaching Philosophy: My goal is to have students leave my classroom knowing what illustration is, and how it works in the marketplace. I want them to approach each assignment from their own perspective and respond to the challenge of communicating another person’s ideas through their own.

Kevin Brady, Adjunct instructor, Illustration Department


MFA, University of Michigan; BA, Kalamazoo College

Jessie David Clark, Adjunct instructor, Liberal Arts Department

MM, Ithaca College; BM, Lebanon Valley College
Maria Cummings-Miller, Part-time instructor, Graphic Design Department

Diploma, Pennsylvania School of Art & Design
Teaching Philosophy: Much of what drives my teaching philosophy is derived from my experience in the field; knowing what works and what doesn’t. Being able to separate functional work from the non-functional is essential in today’s fast-paced business climate. Being able to parlay my real-world design experience into effective teaching in the classroom is something that I work continually on. I pride myself as an educator in being able to relay to the students current trends in the industry and how it relates to the educational material being presented.

Caitlin M. Downs, Adjunct instructor, Liberal Arts Department

MAE, Arcadia University; BHum, Pennsylvania State University; CVA, Harrisburg Area Community College
Teaching Philosophy: I aim to bridge learning gaps, give my students individualized attention, and help each student to write more confidently and competently.

Bill Dussinger, Adjunct instructor, Graphic Design Department

BS, Kutztown University

Teaching Philosophy: Observation and thinking creatively everyday is crucial to great graphic design and advertising. Good and bad design is all around us, students need to know the difference. Hard work, perseverance, and creative thinking will go far in becoming a successful designer/artist.

  Eric Fowler, Part-time instructor, Illustration Department

BFA, Pratt Institute
  Michelle Gregoire Fogel, Part-time instructor, Liberal Arts Department; Mosaic Project Consultant

MS, Capella University; BA, Millersville University
Activities: Co-founder and Director of "Dramability Works! in Lancaster," a theater troupe of young adults with disabilities; Lancaster Dramatist Platform, writer and actor.
Teaching Philosophy: Our changing society has an indisputable effect on how people do research, deconstruct text, and communicate with one another. My goal as an educator is to introduce or re-introduce students to more personal methods of research, small group and team work, critical literacy exploration, and creative expression.

Dorothy Frey, Adjunct instructor, Fine Art Department


MFA, American University; BFA, Millersville University of Pennsylvania


  Brian Gunzenhauser, Assistant professor, Graphic Design Department

BA, Elizabethtown College
Christina Hess, Part-time instructor, Illustration Department

BFA, University of the Arts
Activities: Freelance illustrator
Teaching Philosophy: It is extremely important to understand how to represent the basic fundamentals of a subject in order to abstract it.  The strength in every project comes from being educated in the importance of drawing and design.
Jeffery Howe, Adjunct instructor, Liberal Arts Department

MS, University of Vermont; BS, Michigan State University
Lesley A. Huff, PsyD, Adjunct instructor, Liberal Arts Department

PsyD, Chestnut Hill College; MS, Chestnut Hill College; MS, Temple University;
BS, LaSalle University

David Johanson, Part-time instructor, Photography Department

MFA, Ohio University; BA, Wheaton College

Caroline Kilgour, Adjunct instructor, Fine Art Department

MFA, University of Iowa; MA, University of Iowa; BA, Connecticut College
Linda King Brown, Assistant professor, Liberal Arts Department

MSJ, The Medill School of Journalism, Northwestern University; BA, Hobart and William Smith Colleges
Activities: Freelance writer; Volunteer with Art Goes to School, Warwick School District Chapter
Joe Kulka, Adjunct instructor, Illustration Department

BFA, University of the Arts
Activities: Award winning children's book author and illustrator. Freelance illustrator for national and international companies including the USDA Forest Service, Sony, MTV Animation, Scholastic and many others.
Teaching Philosophy: A career in the arts is a marathon, not a sprint. My job is not only to instruct but to inspire; to help guide a student down the path that they choose and to instill a passion to forge ahead when that path inevitably becomes temporarily difficult.
  Craig Lauer, Part-time instructor, Liberal Arts Department

MFA, Sarah Lawrence College; BA, Millersville University
Activities: I have 15 years of experience as a copywriter in NYC, working for national clients. I’ve published fiction in national literary journals, won the Henfield-Transatlantic Review Award and the Iowa Review Award for fiction, and received an artist residency at Yaddo.
Teaching Philosophy: I treat my students as adults, expecting and extending respect in the classroom. I employ a range of techniques throughout a semester, leading the class through discussions, exercises, and assignments. Demanding hard work and growth, I continually challenge students with alternate points of view and different approaches to an endeavor.
Heidi Leitzke, Gallery director; Adjunct instructor, Foundation and Fine Art Departments

MFA, Western Carolina University; BA, Anderson University

William Mammarella, Part-time instructor, Foundation Department

MFA, University of Delaware; BA, Rutgers University
Activities: Recent exhibits include; 2011 - Solo exhibition, The Contemporary Landscape, Aida Jaine Gallery, Collingswood, NJ; Group exhibitions: 2011 - Stedman Gallery, Camden, NJ; 2011 - Foundation Showcase, PCA&D Main Gallery, Lancaster, PA; 2010 - Small Works exhibit, Zulu Gallery, Collingswood, NJ

Teaching Philosophy:My teaching philosophy is to avoid generalities and stress specific, constructive criticism with the goal of teaching students to critically evaluate their own work. When working with freshman, I stress fundamentals in an ordered sequence with a clear understanding of goals and outcomes. Upperclassmen are guided toward exploring and expanding on ideas with an emphasis on producing professional results.

Michael Manley Adjunct instructor, Illustration Department

MFA - in progress, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts; Certificate, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts
  Gloria E. Mast, Adjunct instructor, Liberal Arts Department

BFA/MS, Pratt Institute
Teaching Philosophy: I strive to teach a process that can be repeated autonomously, and provide a forum where students can formulate their own opinions with critical thought and due diligence and build a platform that will support a lifelong interest in the arts.
Bob McLeod, Adjunct instructor, Illustration Department

Comic book Artist, DC Comics; Attended Auburn University, The Art Institute of Ft. Lauderdale and Barnstone Studios
Activities: I’m a comic book artist for Marvel and DC, and a children’s book author and illustrator. My picture book “Superhero ABC” was published by HarperCollins.
Teaching Philosophy: Everyone learns at individual rates, so I offer a lot of individual instruction to help each student. I want the most skilled students in the class to feel they learned as much as the least skilled. I love drawing and want to share my passion for art with my students.

David Moss, Professor, Fine Art and Foundation Departments

MFA, Syracuse University; Millersville University; Diploma York Academy of Arts

Teaching Philosophy: Think critically but act on intuition.

Jay Noble, Adjunct instructor, Fine Art and Foundation Departments

MFA, American University; BA, Anderson University
Activities: My Fine Arts Studio is in downtown Lancaster. My work is exhibited at galleries such as Gross McCleaf Gallery in Philadelphia, Kehler Liddel Gallery in New Haven, and Penn State University at Harrisburg.
Teaching Philosophy: Drawing, as both a graphic practice and a creative attitude, enriches my teaching. While grounded in tradition, drawing's ability to bring fresh insight into the prevailing order brings vitality to all my courses. Therefore students are constantly encouraged to defy the limits of their ability.
Dana Passek, Adjunct instructor, Liberal Arts Department

M.Ed, Millersville University; BA, Millersville University

Tedd Pettibon, 3-D Technician

MFA, Sam Houston State University; BFA, Indiana University of Pennsylvania
Paul Rider, Adjunct instructor, Photography Department

MFA, Savannah College of Art and Design; BFA, Philadelphia College of Art
Ray Rieck, Adjunct instructor, Illustration Department
Tim Roda, Adjunct instructor, Fine Art Department

MFA, University of Washington; BFA, The Pennsylvania State University
Activities: It was while at the University of Washington that Roda's work developed a language that casually travels within arenas of installation, photography, and performance. He uses photography, not for the love of the technical aspects of the medium, but because of its properties, both abstract and physical, which best depict his vision of life and art. Roda was awarded a Fulbright Award to study photography in Italy. He was also awarded a Kennedy Artist in Residence Award at the University of South Florida during the spring of 2012.
Teaching Philosophy: Since my own work blurs the boundaries between mediums and approaches, I also encourage my students to mix traditional approaches with more contemporary approaches or mediums (when appropriate) through the projects that I assign them and discussions we have in class.
Tom Scullin, Full-time Associate professor, Foundation Department

MFA, Pennsylvania State University; BFA, Ohio State University
Teaching Philosophy: My teaching involves my extensive knowledge of art and design history. I expect my students to be both professional and very creative.
Matthew Siezant, Adjunct instructor, Graphic Design Department

BFA, DeSales Uiniversity
David Spolum, Adjunct instructor, Liberal Arts Department

MA, Temple University; BA, Cornell College, IA
Jonathan L. Yeager, Adjunct instructor, Illustration Department

BFA, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design
YiFei Zhang, Adjunct instructor,

ASD, Art Institute of York; BD Liaoning University
Activities: I am a Multimedia Producer in the marketing department of a major locally-owned supply company
Teaching Philosophy: I believe we must all work hard and learn by doing.








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