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PCA&D was very saddened by the loss of David K. Snyder, who passed away on December 29th.

"Dave Snyder was a powerful influence on the success of the College,” states Mary Colleen Heil, PCA&D President. “He was an excellent teacher and artist and was deeply committed to his work and his students. We will all miss him."
Everyone is invited to join us as we remember him on February 8th.

Alumni Profiles


Recently, we added some alumni profiles to the Degree Programs section of the website. Be sure to check them out!


We are proud of our alumni’s accomplishments and decided to share their stories. If you’d like to share your story, please email us!


New Digital Media Major


During the winter of 2011-2012, some PCA&D alumni participated in small group meetings to discuss all topics related to PCA&D. The meetings were part of a larger process to plan for the college's future. One of the outcomes of this larger process is the new Digital Media major.


Curricular Changes


Some alumni will recognize portions of the course work as classes previously offered as electives. The addition of the Digital Media major allows the other departments to adjust their curricula to better serve students in those majors. The department adjustments are as follows:


Illustration: Since animation will be addressed in Digital Media, the Illustration curriculum will have an expanded focus on visual design such as the initial conceptual art for film, games, books, graphic novels, TV, etc. 

Graphic Design: Graphic Design will increase its interactive and mobile app design content to better reflect the current trend of graphic design being more technologically driven in print, mobile app and web (motion, sound and text) formats.

Photography: Photography will expand its video curriculum and shift from traditional into digital. It will embrace a mostly digital approach, exploring both still (photography) and motion (video) content.  


Students considering Digital Media, Illustration, or Graphic Design majors will have a combined sophomore year with similar coursework, giving them flexibility in selecting or changing their majors. All of these changes adhere to PCA&D's 30-year tradition of preparing its students for lives in art and design by responding to current and future industry trends. 

Digital Media Careers


PCA&D's Digital Media major will prepare graduates for professional careers in fields such as animation, game design, motion graphics, special effects, production, and interface design.


As you know, digital media and interactive entertainment are the most pervasive and popular modes of connection, influence, and communication in today’s world.


If you are currently working in one of these fields, we’d like to hear from you. Please email the Alumni Office to request more information about the Digital Media major or to tell us about your own Digital Media career.









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