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Student Council

Each year, student council officers and department representatives are elected by their peers. The entire PCA&D student body is encouraged to attend student council meetings to share ideas about how to enhance the student experience. Student Council meets during the school year every 1st and 3rd Thursday at 1 p.m. in  the PCA&D atrium. 

Your 2013-2014 Student Council

Leawna Burek ‘14, President
Chalkley Matlack '14, Vice President
Chelsea Crossett ‘14, Secretary/Treasurer

Garrett Moore '15, Fine Art Representative

Becca Runkles '15, Fine Art Representative

Jacqueline Willoughby '16, Fine Art Representative

Allison Bittner '17, Foundation Representative

Rachael Swartz '17, Foundation Representative

Scott Arbital '16, Graphic Design Representative

Adam Jared Harris '14, Illustration Representative

Trayton Pinson '16, Photography Representative


Student Council Ambassadors

Taylor Buck '14

Alexandra Buechler '15

Samantha Campbell '14

Casey Clark '16

Samantha Cooke '15

Zachary Heffelfinger '14

Kate Kelly '14

Shannon McCoy '15

Taylor Miklos '14

Renee Miller '16

Danny Morgan '14

Jacob Peck '14

Katie Smith '14

Mikhail Yakovlev '14




Student Council officers are elected every year and may not succeed themselves. The term of office of each officer of the PCA&D Student Council is one calendar year, commencing on May 1 and ending April 30.

As a representative, you will serve as a liaison for students in your major with Student Council. Representatives of Student Council are entitled to one (1) vote and are required to attend monthly Student Council meetings. The term of office for each representative of the PCA&D Student Council is one calendar year, commencing in September and ending April 30.


Student Council Ambassadors:

Non elected students who attend meetings and participate in the production of student council activities.

For more information about student council, contact the director of student life/housing or call (717) 396-7833 ext. 1018.

Click here to read the Student Council Constitution
Click here to make a suggestion or ask a question


Student Clubs

AIGA - Katie Smith, President

PCA&D hosts a student chapter of the AIGA and is committed to encouraging students to take the first step in demonstrating a commitment to their professional interest and assisting them in understanding the profession. Check bulletins boards for club meetings and activities.  Meetings are every 2nd & 4th Friday at 1 pm in room 213.


Figure Drawing Club - Mikhail Yakovlev, President

An opportunity for students to meet and paint/draw figures. We will need students to volunteer their time to model.  Props will be provided as well as wardrobe for models to set up scenes.  The groups meet every Monday at 7 pm in room 303.


Gamerz - James Campbell, President

For those with a creative mind that like to play table top and pen and paper role playing games.  Most games will be organized play type, but there will also be space for other games. Gaming time is every Tuesday at 7 pm in room 103 B.

League of PCA&D - Emily McKelvey & Shannon McCoy, Co Presidents

A club for players of the free, online video game, League of Legends.  We will discuss game strategies, champion selections, help new players learn, watch pro player and host events and tournaments.  Group meets every Wednesday at 7 pm in room 213


Lux - Shannon McCoy, Alexandra Buechler & Leawna Burek, Presidents

A photographic organization designed to create bonds between all photo majors.  Together we will strive to improve our craft and to exhibit  our work through independent shows. Group meets on the first Tuesday at 1 pm in room 102.


Otaku Syndicate - Anime Club, Renee Miller, President
Otaku Syndicate’s goal is to spread the work of anime culture and Japanese culture. The club will screen anime, release any news about the industry, have anime-related discussions, and possibly go on trips to local conventions. We will also collaborate to attempt original projects. Meeting time is every Thursday at 7 pm in room 103B.


PA Stylz - Scott Arbital, President

Be part of a dance crew who will do performances at PCA&D and throughout Lancaster City.  If you are not a dancer but would like to learn hip hop and all other kind of dance, join us every Monday from 7-9 pm in the atrium.


PCAD Allies  - Katie Smith, President

To provide a forum for discussion on topics concerning the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgendered, and ally students, faculty and staff at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design.   Club meeting day and dates to be announced.  Meeting time is every Tuesday at 1 pm in room 302.


PCAD Players - Taylor Miklos, President

Engaging PCAD students in the theatrical arts.  Each year the club members will write and produce an original work by a PCAD student which will be presented in the spring semester.  The club meets every Friday at 1 pm in room 213


Society of Illustrators Student Chapter - Jacob Peck, President

The goal of this SOI is for the students to create a community of their own to support, encourage and develop their knowledge, skill and exposure to the ever-changing field of illustration, while connecting with other student groups and professionals from across the country.  Meeting time is every Wednesday at 7 pm in room 314.


Student Council - Leawna Burek, President

Student Council creates and implements student involvement and opportunities in school functions and activitiesand supports the mission of PCA&D.  Meeting time is the 2nd & 4th Thursday of every month at 1 pm in the board room.

Yoga & Mediatation - Casey Clark & Becca Runkles, Co-Presidents

Learn to manage stress and explore your individual spirituality.  Bring a pillow and wear comfortable clothing.  Every Thursday at 7 pm on the second floor outside room 213

Want to start a club?
Students must complete the Student Club/Organization Registration Form and submit to the Student Life Coordinator for review. Once approved, the Office of Student Life will work with the club organizers to coordinate meeting time and place. To receive a form, contact Jane Higinbotham at (717) 396-7833 ext. 1018 or via email.


Student Ambassador Program

Student Ambassadors serve as representatives of the college. They work primarily with the admissions department where they serve as guides for prospective students and their parents, art teachers, and guidance counselors. Student Ambassadors are required to attend each PCA&D open house event and provide important insight into the creative environment afforded to students in our degree programs and create an important link to prospective students who want to be part of the PCA&D community.


A minimum GPA of 3.0 is required. If you are interested in the student ambassador program, please contact the director of student life & housing.


Current Student Ambassadors (2013-2014 school year):

Leawna Burek '14, Photography

Socheata Chuun '15, Graphic Design

Chalkley Matlack ‘14, Fine Art

Katie Smith '14, Graphic Design

Mikhail Yakovlev '14, Illustration


Orientation Leaders

Orientation leaders are chosen to assist the dean of students and the director of student life & housing with new student orientation. They help to facilitate orientation for freshmen and transfer students. Orientation leaders provide guidance for freshmen and transfers, take an active role in every program at orientation, and share their knowledge and guidance about campus resources.

If you are interested in becoming an orientation leader, please contact the director of student life & housing.








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