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The liberal arts curriculum is an extremely important component of your education in the visual arts. These classes build critical-thinking skills and examine the creative process in a wide range of subjects. Through your four years of liberal arts course work, you will learn effective writing, research, and analysis skills and establish the framework to think globally. In order to create, not only do you need skills in art and design, but also the ideas behind them and the ability to express them.

PCA&D students are required to take courses in art history, verbal communications, life and physical sciences or mathematics, behavioral and social sciences, along with a rotation of electives in the humanities. Advancing in difficulty with level, these classes give you the necessary historical background and cultural context for the experiences you receive in your major.

For more information on the liberal arts curriculum or course descriptions, please download our current catalog.



Statement of Goals & Outcomes: Liberal Arts Department


The liberal arts department supports the objectives of the institution's Educational Goals and Outcomes Statement. To that end, the department has determined that students graduating from PCA&D will be proficient in:

• Verbal communication, both oral and written.

• Scientific and quantitative reasoning.

• Information literacy, critical analysis and reasoning.

• Knowledge of major movements, schools and "monuments" of visual art.

• Techniques and analysis of art criticism.


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