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Digital media and interactive entertainment are the most pervasive and popular modes of connection, influence, and communication in today’s world. Students majoring in digital media receive introductory and advanced training in this integrative and technology-driven field.

Through lectures, demonstrations and studio work, students gain mastery in the principles of 3-D modeling, digital animation, digital audio production, time-based media, and production skills.

Students participate in the required internship program in relevant professional environments. The senior year is highlighted by senior thesis projects and participation in the Senior Show & Celebration. The digital media major, with a focus on career-oriented projects and developing professional skill sets, prepares students to meet the demands of a diverse and expanding job market in film, television, video games, and more.

Digital Media Career Opportunity Examples


• Animator (2-D and 3-D)
• Motion Graphics Designer
• Producer, Editor

• Game Designer
• Special Effects for film and television
• Production Designer
• Interface Designer



Digital Media Curriculum


Sophomore Year

Fall Semester

DGI 201 Visual Communication     3.0 CR
DGI 205 Typography     1.5 CR
DGI 217 Digital I     1.5 CR

DGI 203 Time Based Media     1.5 CR
DGI 221 Introduction to Interactive Design     1.5 CR
Liberal Arts     6.0 CR

Spring Semester
DM 202 History of Digital Media & Emerging Trends     3.0 CR
DM 206 Motion & Story     3.0 CR
DGI 218 Digital II    1.5 CR
DM 204 Sound Design    1.5 CR
Liberal Arts     6.0 CR


Total Credits: 30.0 CR



Junior Year

Fall Semester

DI 313 Visual Development I     3.0 CR
DM 315 Computer Animation I    3.0 CR
DM 310 Digital Compositing     3.0 CR
Liberal Arts     6.0 CR

Spring Semester
DI 314 Visual Development II     3.0 CR
DM 316 Computer Animation II     3.0 CR

DM 322 Gaming   3.0 CR
Studio Elective     3.0 CR
Liberal Arts     3.0 CR


Total Credits: 30.0 CR

Summer Internship (required, non-credit)


Senior Year

Fall Semester

DM 407 Senior Studio I     3.0 CR
DGI 405 Social Media Marketing & Communications     1.5 CR
DM 423 Advanced Gaming   3.0 CR
Digital Media Core Elective     3.0 CR
Studio Elective     3.0 CR
Liberal Arts     6.0 CR

Spring Semester
DM 408 Senior Studio II     3.0 CR
DM 418 Professional Practices     1.5 CR
DM 412 Entertainment Production Skills    3.0 CR
Digital Media Core Elective     3.0 CR
Studio Elective     3.0 CR
Liberal Arts     3.0 CR


Total Credits: 30.0 CR



For more information on the bachelor of fine arts curriculum or course descriptions, please download our current catalog.



Statement of Goals & Outcomes: Digital Media Department


Students who successfully complete the program will be able to:
• Formulate and apply concepts in their work via formal expression, conceptual development, and contextual dialogue.
• Demonstrate a range of the latest technical and digital skills necessary for employment in the gaming, application design, motion graphics and animation industries.
• Formulate and apply critical analysis to their work and the work of others while benefiting from collaboration among disciplines.
• Demonstrate an understanding of the industry and the relevancy of their work in the context of that industry, the industry’s history and emerging trends, and the broader culture and community.
• Engage in the business and practical realities of the field, understand and employ appropriate business trends and standards, and develop a body of work relevant to acquiring work in their chosen industry.

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