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PCA&D’s state-of-the-art studios, labs, and resources provide students and faculty with access to a variety of creative learning environments. PCA&D’s facilities are outfitted with the latest industry-standard equipment, as well as large teaching studios for students working in more traditional media. The college’s Design Center supports students and faculty as they integrate digital technologies into their learning, teaching, and professional lives. It also enables students from all majors to connect their creative energies in one dynamic environment.

In addition to well-equipped classroom space, the college offers gallery space for hosting exhibitions by regional and national artists and areas to display current student artwork. PCA&D’s library features a wealth of current resources to facilitate research and creativity. There are also several student lounges in the college buildings for studying, socializing, and exchanging ideas outside of the classroom. The college’s library features a wealth of current resources – from hard-copy to digital media offerings – to facilitate research and creativity.

Senior Studio Space

All senior students are assigned individual studio spaces to help them develop and create their thesis projects. These spaces allow students to work alongside, collaborate, and be inspired by their fellow studio mates, as well as work individually with their instructors. Storing essential materials at their own space, students don’t need to transport materials back and forth from their apartments or homes.


• 90,000 square feet
• Wireless facility
• Public gallery
• Student galleries
• The Design Center - Computer imaging labs
• The Design Center - Digital printing and scanning area
• The Design Center - Digital imaging studio

• Senior Studio space
• Digital photography lab
• Traditional photography darkrooms
• Color processing lab
• Lighting studio
• Digital and standard copy stand room
• Animation room
• Critique areas
• 3-D lab and workshop
• Computer labs
• Library
• Student lounge
• Printmaking lab
• Easel and tabletop studios
• Atrium



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