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Fines and Fees
Book and Audio Visual Reserve Policy
Electronic and Print Copy Reserve Policy
Borrowing Slides
Information Literacy Instruction




ALL material and equipment leaving the library must be checked out at the circulation desk. Material should be returned to the circulation desk during library hours. A book drop located outside the library is available for after-hours book returns only.

All instructional media and slides must be returned to the circulation desk.

Loan Periods



  • Books - 56 days - May be renewed the first time for an additional 56 days and renewed a second time for 14 days.
  • Audio Visual and Back Periodicals - 14 days - May be renewed 2 times for an additional 14 days each time.
  • Current Periodicals, Reference, Special and Archival Collections DO NOT CIRCULATE. May be used in the library.
  • All Instructional Media EXCEPT Cameras - Must be returned to the library 15 minutes prior to closing, the same day it was checked-out.
  • Digital Cameras (still and video) - Due the next day, 15 minutes before the library closing time.
  • Slides - May be signed out for the semester or until there is another request for them.

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Fines and Fees


  • First Overdue Notice - An overdue notice will be sent when print items become seven days overdue. There will be no charges at this time.
  • Second Overdue Notice - If the print item becomes 30 days overdue a second notice will be sent; at which time the item will begin to incur a $0.50 a day overdue fine. Audio visual material will incur a $1.00 a day fine after becoming 7 days overdue.
  • Third Overdue Notice - If there is no response from the second notice, after 14 more days, you will be charged with the cost of replacing the print material in addition to any fines incurred and applicable processing fees.

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Reserve Policy

To support the academic programs of Pennsylvania College of Art and Design, the library provides the maintenance and distribution of reserve resources. To manage the organization and circulation of reserve materials, the following policies have been developed:



  • A reserve form must be completed each semester material is placed on reserve. A separate form must be completed for each course.
  • Three days are required to process reserve books.
  • Two weeks are required to process electronic reserves.


Books and Audio Visual Reserves


  • Books and audio-visual material (DVD, CD) owned by the college library may be placed on reserve for one academic semester. Unless otherwise notified, reserve books will be returned to the regular collection at the end of each academic semester.
  • Due to space limitations, try to limit print reserves to five books per course on the shelf at any time.
  • After receiving the reserve form, the staff will retrieve the books/AV material from the collection. If an item is checked-out, attempts will be made to retrieve it, but there is no guarantee it will be returned in a timely manner. Three days are required to process reserve books/AV.
  • Personal books/AV may be placed on reserve for one academic semester. The five-book/AV limitation includes any personal books/AV. Faculty members are required to pick-up any personal books/AV at the end of the semester. Personal books/AV not retrieved within 90 days from the end of the semester will become the property of the PCA&D Library.
  • In processing personal books/AV, reserve labels, a label with the instructor’s name, a bar code label and other identifying notations will be affixed to the book.
  • The library will not be responsible for any damage to or loss of a personal book/AV placed on reserve.
  • Reserved books/AV may be checked-out overnight. They must be checked-out after 7:00 PM and returned before 9:00 AM the following day. In some cases a faculty member may request that a reserved book/AV be restricted to library use only.
  • A limit of one reserve book/AV may be checked out to an individual at any given time.
  • A $5.00 a day fine will be charged to any overdue reserve books/AV.                                                                                                                                                                        Faculty Request for Book and Audio Visual Reserves

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Electronic Reserves


  • Materials placed on electronic reserve must be in compliance with the Fair Use Copyright Law and other copyright laws pertaining to digital data.
  • If an instructor requests electronic  material that does not comply with the fair use guidelines, the instructor must obtain copyright permission before doing so. Permission may be requested by writing the author or publisher of the work, or by contacting the Copyright Clearance Center, 27 Congress Street, Salem, MA 01970. There may be fees involved. The library is not responsible for any fees in acquiring copyright permission.
  • Each reserve must include the following information: a full bibliographic citation in Modern Language Association (MLA) style, instructor’s name, day and time of class period and class title & number.
  • All electronic requests are subject to library director approval. Two weeks are required to process electronic reserves.
  • Electronic reserves may be active for one academic semester. At the end of the semester all electronic reserves will be transferred to an inactive file.                                                                                                                                                                     Faculty Request for Electronic and Print Copy Reserves

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Borrowing Slides

The library slide collection is for the use of faculty for lectures and classroom instruction. Slide projectors and trays, as well as slides, are available for borrowing from the library. The following outlines the procedure for checking-out both:

Slide Check-out


  • It is strongly suggested that you checkout slides two weeks prior to the time you need them. This will ensure that the images are available.
  • When choosing slides, place them in an empty 8x10 slide sleeve. The numbered, plastic hanging files in the drawers MUST REMAIN in the files.
  • Photo copy the sheet(s) of slides you are borrowing at 90%. Be sure to copy the side that identifies what the slide is. Check the copies and make sure each slide is labeled or identified. If the slides are not, please recopy or handwrite neatly any necessary information.
  • On the copy sheet, PRINT CLEARLY your name and the date. Give this to the librarian. It is a good idea to make a second copy for your records.

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Information Literacy Instruction

Please consult with the library director to schedule class information literacy instruction. Instructors will be asked to complete an online Faculty Request for Information Literacy Instruction form, at least two weeks prior to the scheduled time. In addition, your students may be asked to complete a pre-instruction assessment survey as well as a post-instruction assessment survey. Statistical information gathered from the surveys will be used to make further improvements to the instruction content. During the consultation with the library director, an instructor should be prepared to address and discuss a course assignment, which emphasizes specific information resources. The library director will work with you to gear the instruction toward the goals or objectives of the assignment.


        Faculty Request for Information Literacy Instruction


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Pennsylvania College of Art and Design Library will periodically and randomly conduct assessment surveys of services provided. Surveys will be presented to all users of the library including faculty, students and staff. Survey results are analyzed and evaluated to improve the quality and type of service provided by the library.

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