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We can’t tell you how excited we are about the future!
As the leading creative force in Lancaster, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design is just completing our envisioned future for 2025 and we are planning for transformational change.

Together, Pennsylvania College of Art & Design and Lancaster are poised to become one of the best creative centers on the East Coast. Our newly envisioned plan will lead us to that future.

As a community leader, your contribution can inspire others to give to the College. These gifts will help us attract the best students and nationally known artists and designers to our city; create innovative partnerships with business and industry; and develop a national reputation for creativity and forward-thinking design.

Recognizing you as a leader and partner in creating dynamic change in our community, we imagine you being a unique part of this transformational moment and ask you to add your support to this vision.

For more information about the Remarque Circle, please contact the Development Office.

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If you like what we're doing, contact Megan Gallagher for more information about how you can support PCA&D.







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