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PCA&D Brands Its Expansion
11/2/2009 1:07:00 PM by Admin


As part of the recent branding initiative by PCA&D, banners have been mounted on two key corners of the expanded landmark building at 204 N. Prince Street in Lancaster, Pa.

The banners echo the College’s new brand promise by declaring that PCA&D is the place to prepare for a “life in art” and to “explore art.” 

“There is so much energy and creativity inside the College’s buildings,” explains Mary Colleen Heil, president of PCA&D, “that we wanted show it on the outside, as well.”  In fact, the banners are crafted in three sections so they can be changed-out and updated to promote special initiatives that the College undertakes in the years ahead. 

Positioned at 45-degree angles from the corners at W. Chestnut and Prince Streets, and at W. Chestnut and Water Streets, the banners will assist visitors and residents alike in clearly identifying the College buildings.












Your Place to Prepare for a Life in Art and Design

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