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Students gained real-world experience this summer
6/1/2010 3:06:00 PM by PCA&D



During the summer of 2010, we took a look at the varied internship experiences PCA&D students enjoyed.

Pennsylvania College of Art & Design expects its students in all majors -- fine arts, graphic design, illustration and photography -- to successfully complete a professional-level internship as a requirement for graduation.  Typically, students complete an internship in the summer between their junior and senior years.

The internship experience is an important link between a student’s curricular preparations in art and design and the myriad ways their internship experiences can be applied in post-graduation employment.  Click here to read more about the internship program at PCA&D.


Ashley McCague '11 served as an intern at Lancaster-based Postage, Inc., where she worked with the newest technologies in motion graphics and animation.  She is pictured above with Postage principal (and her boss) Joseph Krzemienski.  (Photo: courtesy of Postage, Inc.)

Postage, Inc. is a Lancaster-based post-production company specializing in traditional animation, 3D animation, motion graphics and advanced compositing.  As part of her internship at Postage, Ashley edited video clips and designs presentations.  She edited and combined clips for a children's song, colored frames for animation, edited and created presentations, and worked on Web page layouts.

Ashley tells us that working at Postage was "...a great atmosphere. Allen and Joe [her bosses and principals at Postage] are really great guys and their work is amazing. I've learned a lot from the time I've been here. They're giving me hands-on experience in new programs I hadn't yet had the chance to learn."
PCA&D illustration alumnus Jeff McComsey '05 also works at Postage as a senior production artist, and Postage principals Allen Clements and Joseph Krzemienski are members of the adjunct faculty at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design.


Helaine Crawford '11 was an intern at Postage's sister company, TheFictory. She enhanced her skills in hand-drawn illustrations and computer manipulations (coloring and shadows) using Adobe's AfterEffects software.  Helaine comes to PCA&D from Melbourne, Australia.  In addition to having worked at TheFictory this past summer, Helaine worked part time at the PCA&D library, mounted a one-person exhibit at the Lancaster County Library, and had an illustration in the "PCA&D Summer Preview" show.


Paul Sullivan '11 enjoyed the highly-creative and personal culture at a Lancaster-based design firm, The Infantree.  He is pictured below (far right) with Ryan Martin and Ryan Smoker (l. to r.) on a warm June day when we stopped by to check in with Paul.  As an intern, he learned  real-world skills about branding and creating visual identities for clients and how to work as a team.  Paul completed a stand-alone project, too, having designed a logo for a start-up in Connecticut.

A graphic design major here at PCA&D, Paul is from Lititz, Lancaster County.


Cara Blatt '11 was a teaching assistant at Peter's Valley Craft Center, located in Layton, New Jersey.  A photography major at PCA&D, Cara assisted teachers during classes in cyanotype and gum bichromate photographic techniques.   A native of Poland, New York, Cara finds rural Layton to be similar to her hometown, and she enjoyed immersing herself in the arts and education experience at Peter's Valley.  

Cara is pictured below with one of her works from PCA&D's exhibit "Summer Preview," which hungat PCA&D this past summer. 




Uptown on Market Street, Nicole Weaver '11 had at her internship with Weber Advertising.  Nicole worked on several comps for a local restaurant's new Web site, designed a banner for PCA&D, and help to design ads for a bank's series of special public events.

Nicole is pictured below, right, with one of Weber's art directors, Stephanie Zeigler Herr.  A native of Harrisburg, Pa., Nicole is a graphic design major at PCA&D. 


Randall Lear '11 assisted the PCA&D gallery director in hanging the "PCA&D Summer Preview" exhibit and interned at The Parlor art gallery, which was located in Lancaster, Pa.  Randall's job there: he did anything that helped the gallery to operate successfully.  That included hanging and taking down exhibits, creating signage, and being helpful with a wide range of assorted tasks.


A fine arts major at PCA&D, Randall is pictured below with one of two paintings he had on display as part of PCA&D's "Summer Preview" exhibit, June 4 - July 24, 2010.
















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