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The Class of 2011 shines
3/29/2011 2:53:00 PM by PCA&D



The Class of 2011 enjoyed themsleves during the 29th annual commencement ceremony, held on May 7.


Several served up hugs to administrators on-stage, while others danced a bit upon receiving their diplomas.  And all bathed in the knowledge that now they can take a short break after their four years of hard work.  The break is fleeting, however. The job market beckons them towards their next step in living a life in art.


Gail Anderson, an award-winning designer and author, gave a humorous and engaging talk that set the tone for a truly fun event. 

When PCA&D stated earlier that it had “...invited Ms. Anderson to be its commencement speaker because of her success in the hugely competitive field of graphic design and for the influence her work has had on colleagues, clients and students,” little did we know how successfully Gail would convey to the graduates the importance of hard work, luck, and practicing basic skills as an adult in the workplace.


Gail led the audience -- via a slide show -- through the roots of her creativity (which included teen magazines from the 1960s), to some of the most notable covers she produced while a designer at Rolling Stone magazine, to a funny conclusion in which she is pictured with a campaiging U.S. senator from Illinois named Barack Obama. 


You can read the article about PCA&D's graduation in the Lancaster Sunday News.


There are photos below, but you may view more on PCA&D's Facebook page.

Forty-seven seniors received their Bachelor of Fine Arts degrees in one of four majors: illustration, graphic design, fine arts, and photography, during the May 7 ceremonies in the Ann & Richard Barshinger Center for Musical Arts in Hensel Hall on the Franklin & Marshall College campus. 


PCA&D is proud to present the Class of 2011:
Andrew W. Allison**, Fine Arts; Emily Rose Atkins, Illustration; Rebekah L. Beckwith, Fine Arts; Corinne Elizabeth Bollard*, Graphic Design; Tarah Boyd, Fine Arts; Ian Brandt, Fine Arts; Mairin-Taj Caya, Illustration; David M. Clancy, Illustration; Jacqueline Clark, Photography; Helaine E. Crawford*, Illustration; Rhianna L. Dean, Fine Arts; Alexander Dewar, Graphic Design; Justina A. DiSciullo*, Graphic Design; Michelle Estabrook, Photography; Triscia Johnelle Felty, Graphic Design; Daryl Edward Funck*, Illustration; Jason R. Getz*, Graphic Design; Danielle Lauren Graver, Fine Arts; Chris Grooms, Graphic Design; Ashley Huckabee**, Fine Arts; Kimberly Jackson, Fine Arts; Julianna M. Jordi*, Fine Arts; Randall Lear*, Fine Arts; Sharon Lezotte, Illustration; Sean Thomas Marley, Fine Arts; Ashley McCague, Graphic Design; Leanne McGrath*, Graphic Design; Danielle Miller, Graphic Design; Danielle Liana More, Graphic Design; Grace K. Mulcahy, Illustration; Osmyn J. Oree, Photography; Nelson Robert Potter, Illustration; Kate Alyssa Rebert, Fine Arts; Megan Scallion, Graphic Design; Nora Simon*, Graphic Design; Danielle Renee Smith, Photography; Marisa R. Smith*, Fine Arts; Sarah Solak, Graphic Design; Leslie A. Stasko, Graphic Design; Heather Nicole Swift, Photography; Lise Tanita, Illustration; Stephanie N. Todoroff, Illustration; Sara Warfel, Graphic Design; Emily Warren*, Illustration; Nicole Weaver, Graphic Design; Amanda A. Wolfe**, Graphic Design; Josh Yinger, Graphic Design.

***Summa Cum Laude (Grade point average of 3.85 or higher)
** Magna Cum Laude (Grade point average between 3.75 and 3.84)
* Cum Laude (Grade point average between 3.5 and 3.74)


Departmental Awards for Outstanding Student
Fine Arts: Andrew Allison; Graphic Design: Jason Getz; Illustration: Daryl Funck; Photography: Jackie Clark.

Highest GPA
Amanda Wolfe, Graphic Design

A few photos from Saturday's commencement are below.  Congratulations to the Class of 2011.


The Class of 2011 applaudes the parents and families in

the audience as a moment of thanks for their help and

sacrifice in making the students' graduations possible.


PCA&D President Mary Colleen Heil

led the ceremony.


Gail Anderson, graduation speaker, spoke of the

roles in success of hard work, persistence and

"dumb luck."


Marc Torick (PCA&D academic dean), Lois Dostalik

(president of the PCA&D board of trustees), Gail

Anderson (guest speaker) and Pam Richardson

(PCA&D dean of students) enjoy a lighter moment

during the ceremony.


Trustees David Buckman and Chris Miller, Gail Anderson,

Mary Colleen Heil, and Lois Dostalik.



PCA&D Trustee Judy Ware, Lois Dostalik and Mary Colleen Heil.


PCA&D faculty members Jeremy Waak (chair of Foundation),

Eric Weeks, Hillary Nelson, Academic Dean Marc Torick,

Dorothy Frey (chair of Fine Arts), Jessica  Sponsler (chair

of Liberal Arts), Chris Welch (chair of Photography),

Robert Hochgertel (chair of Illustration), Pam Barby (chair

of Graphic Design), Linda King Brown, and Brian Gunzenhauser.


The diploma: a symbol of the successful completion of four

years of hard work and dedication.


The graduates, families and PCA&D folks enjoy the post-ceremony reception.























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