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New website showcases Lancaster city as a premier arts destination
4/5/2011 2:38:00 PM by PCA&D


Seven of the most prominent arts venues in the City of Lancaster have joined together to oversee a marketing campaign designed to establish Lancaster city as a premier arts destination.

PCA&D hosted the unveiling of the new campaign during which the media, members of the arts collaborative, and supporters of the arts turned out to hear and see the radio, television, and print ads created to fulfill the goals of the campaign. You can see more about this event on PCA&D's Facebook wall.  You may also view the television commercial created for the campaign by clicking here.


Click here to enter the new website at, which is a gateway to cultural offerings in Lancaster city.


The Keystone Arts Organizations (KAOs) have worked as a team on this initiative for the past year-and-a-half. Members of the collaborative are pictured above and include (from l. to r.) Scott Robinson (Lancaster Symphony Orchestra), Wendy Nagle (Heritage Center Museums), Anne Lampe (Demuth Museum), Aaron Young (Fulton Theatre), Liz Lambert (Lancaster Arts) and Lois Dostalik (Pennsylvania College of Art & Design). Stanley Grand of the Lancaster Museum of Art is not pictured.

“The city is full of wonderful arts venues, businesses and individual artists that express the artistic culture of downtown Lancaster,” says Elizabeth Todd Lambert, President and CEO of LancasterARTS. “We want to take this opportunity to share that culture and bring awareness of Lancaster as an authentic arts destination regionally.”

A 2009 study by Franklin & Marshall College's Floyd Institute for Public Policy found the arts make an notable economic impact on the city.  The total economic footprint of the arts reaches $72 million in economic flow and supports nearly 1100 jobs.  You can read the study here.

The regional marketing campaign was made possible by a grant from the Lancaster County Community Foundation as part of its “Building Communities through the Arts” initiative.  Project partners who also contributed to the success of the initiative include the Pennsylvania Dutch Convention & Visitors Bureau, Tierney Communications, and Spencer Media.

For more information about the campaign, visit

Lancaster offers a variety of high-quality arts experiences. Arts officials in Lancaster cite reasonable prices and the concentration of galleries, museums and performance venues in a convenient, walkable and attractive area as making Lancaster so unique.

The city is home to hundreds of artists and more than 125 professional arts venues, an art college, fine art and craft studios and galleries, art and cultural museums, antique and vintage shops and several performing arts centers.

Lancaster’s popular First Friday events encourage visitors to explore the growing arts scene and features gallery openings, musical performances, artists’ talks and a variety of other art-related events on the first Friday of each month.















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