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"A dream I once had"
10/19/2011 2:31:00 PM by PCA&D



Foundation students who are taking digital photography with instructor Eric Weeks have published a collaborative blog -- with photography students in South Korea.

The 40+ photographs on "Photography Exchange" are the result of a cultural exploration between digital imaging students studying at Kyungil University in South Korea and Foundation students at Pennsylvania College of Art and Design in Lancaster, Pa., U.S.A.


You may view the second installment featuring the theme, "A dream I once had."


A photograph by Samantha Bronder '15 is shown above.

Once a month, students in the classes of Paul Choe (Kyungil) and Eric Weeks (PCA&D) will be
asked an open-ended, themed question that they will subsequently answer through photographs.

Weeks hopes that the two cultures learn about each other as students answer the same question in their own creative way, and so differently, while gaining an understanding of the communicative power of the medium. 

He reflects that "...the end goals [of this project] are to empower the students by giving them an outlet to communicate with a far away culture that is very different from theirs.  I hope they learn that despite many obvious differences, there are so many similarities between them. Once they see their work on the blog, they will be inspired to create clearer, more accomplished work for the next posting."

Visit the "Photography Exchange."














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