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PCA&D dedicates the Suzanne H. and Ronald D. Schrotberger Design Center
9/11/2012 1:23:00 PM by PCA&D



PCA&D enjoyed a celebration today as it dedicated and named the Suzanne H. and Ronald D. Schrotberger Design Center in honor of the Schrotberger’s generosity towards the college over the past few years.  Susie and Ron are pictured above.

PCA&D President Mary Colleen Heil was joined by PCA&D Chairman of the Board Robert Macina and fellow Trustee Lois Dostalik in acknowledging the Schrotbergers.  Suzanne and Ron also had the chance to address the faculty, staff, students and friends of the college who were assembled.

“We are honored to recognize the Schrotberger’s continued generosity to the college in this way; it’s a fitting testimony to their interest in the welfare and education of our students,” states Mary Colleen Heil, president of PCA&D.  “Since its opening two years ago, the design center has advanced the college’s ability to enable students from all disciplines to connect their creative energies in one dynamic environment,” Heil concludes.

A new sign was unveiled that will serve as a marker for the entrance to the Schrotberger Design Center. It was designed by Tom Bejgrowicz, part-time instructor in PCA&D's graphic design department and principal of Man Alive Creative.

PCA&D also thanks the expertise and craftsmanship of Jeremy Waak, assistant professor in and Chair of PCA&D's Foundation department, who fabricated the sign and whose expertise assisted Bejgrowicz throughout the design process.


View the video by Lancaster (Pa.) Newspapers about the dedication event.  Thanks to videographer and photographer Blaine Shahan who did a great job piecing it all together.

PCA&D’s relationship with the Schrotbergers began as a simple request made several years ago.

An author had a story to tell.  She needed an artist to illustrate her story.  PCA&D brought them together.

Suzanne Schrotberger wrote her children’s story and Matt Chapman ‘08, then an illustration major at PCA&D, created vibrant images that brought its characters to life.  In 2010, “The Dogs Who Live with the Queen” was published.

As a result of this request, a deeper relationship has evolved.  Suzanne and her husband, Ron, became more involved with the college and over the years, and have expressed their belief in and love for PCA&D in many generous ways.

To date, the most public of these expressions was celebrated on September 11, 2012, as Pennsylvania College of Art & Design dedicated its 9,000 sq. ft., state-of-the-art design center, which originally opened in 2010, as the Suzanne H. and Ronald D. Schrotberger Design Center.


Pictured in front of the new sign for the Suzanne H.

and Ronald D. Schrotberger Design Center are (from l.

to r.) Ron Schrotberger, Jeremy Waak, Tom Bejgrowicz,

and Suzanne Schrotberger.  Thanks to PCA&D photo

major Leawna Burek '14  for taking photos at the event.






















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