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PCA&D purchases former city property known as the Art Garden
9/20/2012 11:35:00 AM by PCA&D


Pennsylvania College of Art & Design is pleased to announce that it has acquired the downtown property of 49 W. Chestnut Street, commonly known as the Art Garden.  PCA&D was able to purchase the property thanks to the generosity of its donors.

“This is an exciting moment for Pennsylvania College of Art & Design “ states Mary Colleen Heil, President of PCA&D.  “Because of the acquisition, the college will extend its branded presence in Lancaster city and become more visible to residents and visitors alike.  In addition, owning open space right across the street from our front door will present us with opportunities to fulfill our mission.  It is  the proverbial ‘blank canvas,’” she concludes.


Pennsylvania College of Art & Design has purchased the

property immediately across from its main entrance on N.

Prince Street, as shown in this photo taken from the fourth

floor of an adjacent building and looking west over the open

space and towards PCA&D’s two-building-wide facade.

















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