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PCA&D’s designers connect with community
11/18/2012 1:55:00 PM by PCA&D



The holiday issue of figLancaster magazine (shown above) features faculty and students who make our annual 24-hour Designathon a success. [Ad courtesy of Moxie House LLP, copyright 2012.]

In the print version of the fig ad, we wrote that “PCA&D’s designers connect with community.

“For the past four years, faculty and students at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design have led one of our best-known projects: the 24-hour Designathon.


“Designathon has linked PCA&D with two dozen nonprofits serving more than 200,000 people in Lancaster County.  And we’ll do it again in February 2013 with a new group of nonprofits, because PCA&D is always involved with the community in creative and influential ways.”


So, who’s in this photo? Look below – we have everyone identified.  You’ll see who our Designathon faculty and students are, and see representatives from a few of the 25+ nonprofits we’ve worked with during Designathon. 


And continue to watch this News page and PCA&D's Facebook wall for updates of the 5th annual Designathon, which will be held on Friday and Saturday, February 22 and 23.



PCA&D’s Designathon faculty:
1. Pam Barby, Chair of the Graphic Design department and faculty member;
2.Tom Bejgrowicz, graphic design faculty member;
3. Bob Hochgertel, Chair of the Illustration department and faculty member;
4. Charlie Beyl, faculty member in graphic design and illustration;
5. Maria Cummings-Miller, faculty member in graphic design. 

Missing: Brian Gunzenhauser.

PCA&D’s Graphic Design majors who have committed to the 2013 Designathon:
6.  Lisa DeAngelo '13;
7. Katie Smith ’14; 
8. Tom Dombrosky ’13; 
9. Meagan Kelso '13;
10. Patrick Mendoza ’13; 
11. Jessica Messerschmidt '13; 
12.  Mindy Tang '13; 
13. Nick Belcher ’13.

Representatives from a few of the area nonprofits we’ve worked with via Designathon (and who were able to join us for this photo shoot):
14. Heather Modjesky, marketing/events manager, Junior Achievement of Central PA;

15. Gail Rittenhouse, executive director at Milagro House, Lancaster;

16. Nicholas Chapman, director of development, Janus School;   
17. Karen Jenkins, community outreach, Welsh Mountain Health Centers;

18. Marsha DiBonaventuro, executive director at Downtown Ephrata, Inc.

19. Melissa Siwiec, executive director, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Lancaster County;     

20. Abbey White, communications/volunteer manager, Lancaster Area Habitat for Humanity;

21. Caitlin Bubb, volunteer for Kpets;               
22. Emily Mace, communications coordinator, Compass Mark.   



Here’s a list of all the nonprofits PCA&D has worked with since our first Designathon in 2009:



Project Access Lancaster County (PALCO)
Manos House 
Downtown Ephrata, Inc.  
Compass Mark
Gifts that Give Hope Lancaster 

Ephrata Performing Arts Center  
Heritage Center Museums 
Lancaster Area Habitat for Humanity  
Neighborhood Services 
Welsh Mountain Health Centers

Milagro House 
Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Lancaster
Fulton Theatre 
Milagro House 
Paradise Township Lions Club
Heritage Center of Lancaster County  
Institute for Children & Families 
Rumschpringe Short Film Festival

Big Brothers/Big Sisters of Lancaster 
Junior Achievement of Central PA 
City of Lancaster, Neighborhood Issues 
Janus School     
Big 33 Scholarship Foundation   
Lancaster Spina Bifida Resource

Watch the News pages of PCA&D and our Facebook wall for updated information about the 2013 Designathon.






















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