Pennsylvania College of Art & Design is pleased to present 20/20 Vision, an exhibition highlighting the Class of 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the exhibition of the senior class was postponed. The exhibition is now on display from Sept. 1 through Nov. 20, 2020, for the College community to enjoy.

The featured artists include Emily Ament, Maria Rose Barba, Tyler L. Birky, Zoë Bittner, Corinne Carmiche, Justin A. Carney, Ashley Cheeseman, Parker Ciampaglia, Liz Clark, Alex Conn, Maximilian A. Crandall, Ashley Crist, Madison P. Crone, Rachel Ann D’Agnilli, Kelly Davis, Lindsay Dawson, Hannah DiGirolamo, Mercedes Dixon, Sage Aries Dougherty, Jarrett Dreese, Fiona Duckworth, Lauren Rose Duffy, Elizabeth Fino, Grant Fisher, Kevin A. Foss, Noël Fry, Sarah Christine Garrett, Karim Gavins, Dyneisha Gross, Hannah High, Willa Hutchison, Sarah Kelly, Brendon Alexander Lane, Tyler Le, Emma F. Leadem, Adam Leitzel, Carolyn “Cali” Loftus, Elizabeth Miller, Olivia Montalvo, Anthony Nardo, Kaitlyn O’Donnell, Amy L. Obuch, Lanna Peck, Truman Sappey, Heather Schroeder, Kyra Shackelford, Madison Sheakley, Jacqueline Shrader, Ashley Slimmer, Em Sohn, Brianna Souchuck, Robin Starr, Rainey Supple, Dana Timpert, Fionna Tram, Cindy Tran, Quinn Waltman, Amanda Weir, Nikkole Weisman, Nick Whartenby, Rachel Wolfe, Jeff Yosco, and Honoria Yunkin.

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The exhibition program of the Gallery at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design uses art-based learning alongside artist-centered and community-focused programming to enable critical thinking and encourage dialogues with global perspectives for the communities of PCA&D, Lancaster, and beyond.