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You're the Messenger

Deliver ideas. Carry influence.

Your art communicates in every language. It’s a transfer of energy that forms a shared experience. At PCA&D, we believe that art is a currency that holds tremendous value.

Deliver Your Message Your Foundation Student Artwork

Ideas That Resonate

As an artist or designer, you have the unique capacity to bring people together, spark important conversations, and help make sense of the world. Through PCA&D’s challenging curriculum, you’ll grow confidence in expressing and transmitting ideas that resonate.

A PCA&D education teaches you adaptive thinking, effective making, and how to have a voice. Because visual, verbal, and virtual communication is increasingly valued in our global society, our curriculum emphasizes the relationships among thinking, making, and communicating.


The Proof is in the Work

Art holds power in this society and our students understand and know how to harness it. This is how they communicate and influence. Explore their work and see how they are delivering their message to the world.

Students working in studios and examples of artwork

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