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Career Day 2020 Recap

On April 14, 2020, PCA&D held its first virtual Career Day. We would like to thank all the companies and professionals that took the time to be online to talk with our students. Below are links to recordings from most of those sessions as well as the information that was shared by our participants.


Erin Truesdell

Erin is a game developer and musician, as well as a doctoral student in Digital Media at Georgia Tech. She has presented at the 2019 Intel University Games Showcase, the 2015 First Championship Conferences, the 2017 Week of Undergraduate Excellence at Drexel University, and the 2017 National Conference on Undergraduate Research. She can be found online at her website erinjktruesdell.com and can be reached at erinjktruesdell@gmail.com.

Luke Ramsey

Luke’s work primarily involves public art, murals, and illustration. He co-founded the Islands Fold residency and has exhibited internationally on several occasions. His client list includes companies such as The New York Times, The Cartoon Network, Patagonia, The BC Children’s Hospital, among many others. Some of his paintings have been acquired in the collections of The Government of Canada and The City of Seattle. He has additionally won a National Urban Design Medal from the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada for his collaborative mural with Josh Holinaty. He can be found at his website lukeramseystudio.com or his Instagram @lukeramseystudio, and can be contacted at luke@lukeramseystudio.com or (778) 922-3643.

Tracy Maurice with an introduction by PCA&D President Mike Molla

Tracy is a multidisciplinary artist whose work primarily consists of art, design, and video. She studied Art History at Concordia University and she has gone on to lecture at Berklee College of Music and taught in the IDFA Film Academy at the University of California at Berkeley. Her work, which she describes as having a research-based, project-to-project approach, embraces both material exploration and analog techniques inspired by early works in cinema, science, nature, and dance.

She has had her work shown in the Lincoln Center Atrium in NYC, Nuit Blanche in Toronto, the Canadian Museum of Civilization in Ottawa, and the Birdo Flugas Gallery, as well as several other noteworthy exhibitions. Additionally, she has performed at the Musée D'art Contemporain de Montréal in 2019 as a part of the Françoise Sullivan Exhibition. She created album artwork, music videos, and live experimental content for Arcade Fire’s album’s Funeral and Neon Bible as their Creative Director. She notably won a Juno Award for Best Director of the year for their album Neon Bible in 2008. Other examples of her work can be found at her website tracymaurice.com. Tracy herself can be found on her Instagram @tracymaurice and can be contacted at her email tracyleemaurice@gmail.com

Michael Molla is currently the President at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, having formerly been the Vice President of Strategic Initiatives at the Maryland Institute College of Art. Mike earned his BA in Arts Education from Anna Maria College, Paxton, MA, and his M.Ed. in Creative Arts Education from Fitchburg State University, Fitchburg, MA.

Michelle Leman

Michelle is a multimedia artist originally from Michigan. She graduated from Adrian College in 2011 with a BFA in Studio Art and is currently a freelance artist in Seattle, Washington. Her work consists of photography, videography, music, and other various forms of art & design. She can be found online at her Instagram @yeahsuckit and her website michelleleman.com as well as at her band’s page @britesband.

Alexandra Schaufele

Alexandra is currently the Assistant Curator of Education, Public Programs at the University of Notre Dame Snite Museum of Art in Indiana, having previously been the Galleries Coordinator & Administrative Assistant to the Director at the University of Notre Dame Snite Museum of Art and an instructor at Make South Bend in Indiana. She graduated from Adrian College in 2013 with a BFA, majoring in Studio Arts with a minor in Art History. Her most recent Selected Exhibition was Connections/Becoming in South Bend, Indiana in 2018. She can be contacted at aschaufe@nd.edu.

James Ward

James is currently the Senior Animator at Sony Pictures Imageworks. He received his diploma in Advanced Character Animation Studies from Indiana University in 2009. Some of his most recent projects include Film – Connected in 2020, Love, Death, and Robots: Lucky 13 in 2019, and Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse in 2018. He was awarded the Sony Imageworks Applause Award in 2013 for his work on Edge of Tomorrow. For more information on his works, his IMDb page is linked here: imdb.com/name/nm4433149/

Leon Nowlin jr.

Leon graduated from Indiana University – Purdue University – Indianapolis (IUPUI) with a BS in Media Arts & Sciences: New Media, Informatics. Some of his most recent projects include Visual Effects on many of the Avengers films, the film 90 Minutes in Heaven in 2015, David Guetta’s music video Just One Last Time in 2011, and a branded project with Cox Communications in 2011. He has work experience with Cantina Creative, COSA FX, Christov FX, Duck Soup Studios, and Encore Hollywood and has additionally been a guest instructor at the Mckenzie Center for Innovation and Technology in 2018. For more information on his works, his IMDb page is linked here: imdb.com/name/nm2996811/

Jason Piperberg & John Vincent Salvino

Jason is an illustrator, comic artist, and storyteller with a passion for classic linework and modern storytelling. He graduated from The University of the Arts in 2012 with a BFA in Illustration and is currently working as a freelance illustrator. Some of the projects he has worked on include Raising Dion, (Written by Dennis Liu, and recently adapted as a Netflix series), covers for Archie Comics’ Sonic and Mega Man titles, the Patriot Tales comics for the Valley Forge Tourism Board written by Christian Patchell and colored by Ryan Barr, the Champions of Hara comics and board game, and his creator-owned sci-fi adventure comic Spaceman and Bloater. He can be found online at his Instagram @jasonpiperberg and his website jasonpiperberg.com. He can be contacted at jason.piperberg@gmail.com.

John is an artist based in Lancaster, Pa with a Bachelor of Science in Animation. He has been working as a freelance artist and sculpture technician in addition to working on personal projects for over six years. His self published graphic novel She Walks with the Giant was released in January 2017, and he is currently working on the third volume. He can be found at his website johnvsalvino.com and at his Instagram @salvinojohn.

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Lush Bazaar

Lush Bazaar is an ethically made couture fashion line that places a priority on empowering and inspiring individuals through fashion. They pride themselves on providing fair living wages and working conditions for their employees and unique high-end pieces handcrafted to perfection for their customers. Lush Bazaar can be found at their website lushbazaar.square.site and at their Instagram @lushbazaar. They can be contacted at info@lushbazaar.com or (717) 283-7389. This employer aligns itself the closest to those with an interest in artisan craftsmanship.


A Frame of Mind

A Frame of Mind is a non-profit organization that believes in the association between positive mental health, art, and leading a happy life. Their mission is to provide supportive visual arts programming to children and teens who experience depression, anxiety, and stress. They have worked with the Lancaster Barnstormers, Lancaster Behavioral Health Hospital, and Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. A Frame of Mind can be found at their website aframeofmindart.com and contacted at infoaframeofmind@gmail.com or (724) 726-1047. This employer aligns itself the closest to those with an interest in visual arts and assisting those seeking to improve their mental health.


Operating since 1906, Hersheypark was originally a leisure ground for employees of the Hershey’s Chocolate Factory and is now a family theme park welcoming guests from around the world. For 110 years Hersheypark has been a proud supporter of the Milton Hershey School and has assisted in helping students lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. Hersheypark can be found at their website hersheypark.com and at their Instagram @hersheypark. They can be contacted at (717) 534-3900.

Clark Associates

Clark Associates is a collective of companies leading the foodservice industry in equipment, supplies, and service that began in 1971. They are represented by the largest staff in the United States in both Certified Food Service Professionals (CFSP) and Commercial Food Equipment Service Association (CFESA) Certified Technicians. They additionally work with over 700 domestic and international suppliers. They can be found at their website clarkassociatesinc.biz and can be contacted at (717) 392-7550.

Owl Publishing

Owl Publishing was founded in 2015 and is an author centered publishing company designed for teachers and students as well as both aspiring and established authors. They strive to give their writers, artists, and illustrators the space to thrive creatively and professionally by providing them with the perfect combination of a traditional publishing company infused with a hands-on approach. They can be found at their website owlpublishinghouse.com and can be contacted at info@owlpublishinghouse.com or (717) 925-7511.

Get the Picture Corporation

Get the Picture Corporation, established in 1987, is a company focused on designing and operating digital photography systems for theme parks as well as tourist and retail industries. The company is committed to working closely with their clients and providing a cooperative partnership. Some of their partners include Hersheypark, Strasburg Railroad, and Dutch Wonderland. This employer aligns itself the closest to those with experience in Photography. Get the Picture Corporation can be found at their website gtpcorp.com or their Instagram @getthepicture_corp and can be reached at their main offices at info@gtpcorp.com.

The Photo Review

The Photo Review is a Critical Journal containing examples of fine art photography. Since 1976 they have been covering issues and events in the photographic community across the country, serving as a central resource for the Mid-Atlantic region. Their articles are geared towards those with an interest in photography as well as collectors, curators, gallerists, educators, & students. Some of their notable writers include A.D. Coleman, Stephen Perloff, Shelley Rice, Peter Hay Halpert, Barbara L. Michaels, Jean Dykstra, and Mark Power. This employer aligns itself the closest to those with experience in Photography. The Photo Review can be found at their website photoreview.org or their Instagram @thephotoreview.

Glick Fire

Glick Fire is the premier emergency vehicle dealership in Pennsylvania offering exceptional sales and service to make sure departments are prepared for every call. They represent Pierce Manufacturing, Braun Ambulance, Demers Ambulance, Crestline Ambulance, Stonewell Bodies, and Firematic’s BRAT who are all leaders in their industries. This employer aligns itself the closest to those with a background photography and videography. They can be found at their website glickfire.com and can be contacted at janys.ruth@glickfire.com

Armstrong Flooring

Armstrong Flooring has been a pioneer in innovation since the company's foundation in the 1860’s. They are dedicated to developing new procedures, equipment, and products as well as marketing and sponsoring. Additionally, they seek to lead the industry in developing more efficient and sustainable processes in their manufacturing and create online resources and partnership programs that support their distributors and retailers. Armstrong Flooring can be found at their website armstrongflooring.com/corporate/en-us and at their Instagram @armstrongflooring.

BakeHouse on King

BakeHouse on King strives to meet the need for high-quality, artisan-baked goods and pastries across southern Pennsylvania. They are proud to integrate prized traditions into the creation of their whole-grain breads and pastries such as using seasonal ingredients, natural leavening, and slow fermentation. BakeHouse on King can be found at their website bakehouseonking.com and at their Instagram @bakehouseonking. They can be contacted at inquiry@bakehouseonking.com. This employer aligns itself the closest to those with an interest in the Culinary Arts.

Modern Art

Modern Art strives to encourage positive change-making through the use of slightly disarming, curious, and unconventional surprises as forms of creative inquiry. Their interactive projects, workshops, events, and machines challenge complex systems of thought and provide participants with both the means and invitation to live better as a collective community. Modern Art can be found at their website itsmodernart.com and at their Instagram @itsmodernart. They can be contacted at weirdo@itsmodernart.com or (610) 761-9799. This employer aligns itself the closest to those with a background in Fine Arts and an interest in creating innovative and interactive projects.


Cimbrian works with their customers to understand their targeted audience. They understand what is necessary to connect with customers in today’s age, whether that be through websites, social media, blogs, or apps, and transform untapped potential into higher quality sales leads, increased revenue, and a more powerful brand. They have worked with Chicco, Belco Community Credit Union, Valais, and numerous other companies to design, support, and market their business. They can be found at their website cimbrian.com and can be contacted at information@cimbrian.com or (717) 368-2563.

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