The City of Lancaster, Pa., is our home and our campus.

From relaxing in coffeehouses to listening to the newest music at the Chameleon Club, you’ll find a host of creative inspirations in the city of Lancaster.

Lancaster combines the advantages of urban living with the comfort and safety of a small town. It’s been rated as the eighth most secure place to live among mid-sized cities, according to the Farmers Insurance Group of Companies.

The city’s tree-lined streets and historic architecture provide a backdrop for our thriving arts and cultural district, filled with hundreds of venues – galleries, shops, restaurants, pubs, music, theatre, puppet theatre, dance, open air markets, and public gathering spaces for free open air movies and fireworks.

The city has fifteen distinct neighborhoods, from the trendy and multicultural Historic East Side to the funky homes and cozy streets in Cabbage Hill.

Lancaster city is also an established arts destination. More visitors to the region are discovering downtown Lancaster, which boasts 125 arts venues, all within a short walk of the other. Read about the regional marketing campaign that reached out to residents in the mid-Atlantic region, which includes Baltimore, Philadelphia and central Pennsylvania.

Lancaster County and City is home to nine colleges and universities, including Pennsylvania College of Art & Design. Lancaster is very welcoming to the more than 17,000 college students who populate the county each year.