Alexandria Nabinger

: Alexandria Nabinger

My own studio practice involves research, exploration and experimentation.  My primary media for expression are drawing,
painting, printmaking, paper, and fiber arts.  I am passionate about the positive impact studying the Visual Arts can have on
individuals. I believe art can serve as a medium for exploring the contemporary world in a profound and engaging way.


Where is your hometown/where did you grow up:  I am originally from Syracuse, NY.


Where did you go to school/ degrees or certifications you hold: 

I received my undergraduate degree from SUNY New Paltz in Visual Art and a Master’s in Art Education from Portland State. I spent five years teaching art at the International School of Brussels, in Belgium.


When did you first become interested in art/do you have a specific memory that you associate with this:

The creative process has always been a major part of my life, I primarily draw, paint and work with textiles.  Creating art is my way of making sense of what surrounds me in my daily life.


What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t making art:

When I am not creating, I enjoy spending time with my family and having adventures.

My website has images of my artwork and musings on my travels.