Brent Shaub

: Brent Shaub

Brent’s a native Lancastrian who’s spent the last ten years in Australia, Asia, and Europe learning and promoting Feldenkrais (which he calls MicroYogaZen). He began training in 2007 to alleviate chronic pain from a near-fatal car collision in 1998 which fractured his pelvis, five ribs and neck, completing his training in Melbourne 2013 and becoming an Aussie in 2018. His self-care practices provide for an active, creative lifestyle that interweaves feelings, sensations, thoughts and expressions. He offers Feldenkrais spoken workshops and classes and non-verbal individual sessions throughout Lancaster County and surrounding areas. He painted intricate Ral Partha miniatures during High School for D&D, wrote and performed A Light to Hear By at the 2018 Maitland Street Festival and is a Glasgow-trained life-drawing model.