Jared Shuey

: Jared Shuey

My name is Jared Shuey, and I’m a graduate of Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, Class of 2018. Happy Plant-Dad of 43 who loves thrifting, coffee, and long walks on the beach. I’m currently a freelance graphic designer for Nuna Baby Essentials, and for various candidates running for local office in the Lancaster County Area. I’m an individual who wants to continue to “keep print alive” through the use of timeless methods such as printmaking. I find satisfaction in seeing text appear on paper with the use of your hands, and the small imperfections that could follow.

I have a passion for discussing social issues in hopes to better educate society and those who surround you. It’s an absolute dream to be joining forces with my
knowledge of printmaking and social justice with my Social Justice Poster making class.