Johan Klingler

Associate Professor

Animation & Game Art

Johan Klingler began his career as an illustrator progressing to work at DC and Marvel comics. He has worked as Art Director and Director on over 21 productions and has worked on video games for Xbox, PS2, and Xbox 360 as an Art Director.

Johan has worked for companies like Disney, Warner Brothers, Universal, and Kroyer films to name a few on 65 feature productions, 269 commercials, directed 28 productions, art directed 27 productions and worked on over 28 video games. Anything from Beauty & The Beast, Aladdin, Hunchback of Notre Dame, Tarzan, Treasure Planet, The Rescuers Down Under to Fern Gully, Total Recall, Willow, Beautician and the Beast, Fright Night, etc. Then there was Rock-a-Doodle, Thumbelina, A Troll in Central Park, and many more. And in Commercials- Smokey the Bear, Sugar Bear, Snap-Crackle-Pop, Flintstones Cereal, Boo-Berry, Count Chakola, and Franken Berry, Fruit Loops, Tricks the Rabbit, the Strawberry Quick Rabbit, Lucky Charms, etc. MTV launch id interstitials and music videos as well as an enormous amount of motion graphics commercials like Ridley Scott’s Apple commercial & Michael Jackson’s Coca-Cola Commercial to name a few.

Johan Klingler has earned his Bachelor of Arts at U.S.C. and CALARTs with combined credits in Computer Animation (Game Design) and master’s degree in film production F.A.U. in Computer Sciences of emerging technologies. He studied Cartooning and Animation at Joe Kubert School of Graphic Design & Motion Graphics and Wildlife Illustration at Michigan State University (concentrated course study program, no degree). He studied (studio training programs, no degree) Computer Modeling and C.G. Animation at Gnomon RFX, Directing at A.F.I. (American Film Institute of Hollywood), Graphic Design at Art Center, Writing at The Boston School of Children’s Literature, etc.

Johan Klingler has worked on Feature Films which are still in the top 20 animated billion-dollar blockbuster hits in film history. Johan has been in the industry with his skills and as an educator for over 33 years.

He began teaching in 1986 at the College level and continued to train talent in the studios he worked with. He and his wife, Norma Klingler, founded and ran The School of Media Arts for 12yrs. He has continued teaching at the university level ever since at multiple schools and still is a professional instructor to this day while working actively in the Animation Film industry and Video Game industry.


U.S.C - BA

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