Justin Phillips

Assistant Dean of Academic Affairs

Alumni / Foundation



Justin Phillips’ work explores meanings and nuances that are embedded in his formalist mixed media works where he incorporates elements of drawing, painting, and collage. He employs a range of creative methodologies such as chance elements, intuitive mark-making, conjuring rhythms, erasure, as well as personally established rules and systems.

Phillips’ work ranges from drawings created in one sitting to deeply layered works where he explores sustained and deep efforts to form complex and contemplative works. Phillips’ work is inspired by the energy and dynamics of daily life and the inner workings of the world in which we live. He is fascinated with the connection between visual language and the human experience and he often describes his works as meditations or physical embodiment of meditation rituals or routines. His practice is a never-ending survey of the connection between one’s self and their surroundings.


Pennsylvania College of Art & Design - BFA

Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts - MFA

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