Kathleen Forney

Adjunct Instructor

Center for Creative Exploration


I am a fused glass artist, based in Elizabethtown, and have been creating designs in glass for years. Prior to glass I have worked with various mediums, which include, mosaics, enamels, acrylics, mixed media, and clay.  My role as a “professional artist” began at the early age of 10 when I sold my first painting in our family’s gallery in Berkeley Heights, NJ. My inspiration continues to be the amazing gems in nature that God has left for us to discover. Over the years I have also had the privilege to teach enthusiastic students the art of glass design. My students range in age from 6 years of age to late adulthood. As a teacher it is rewarding to watch students create “their masterpiece”. My classes are held at various venues such as The Allen Coffeehouse and Theatre, The Art Museum of Lancaster, the Lancaster Guild of Craftsmen, The Trellis Marketplace in Elizabethtown and the Hershey Library.  I strive to make the class for all students engaging, rewarding and fun.

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