Megan Zettlemoyer

Adjunct Instructor

Graphic Design

Megan currently owns a graphic design and letterpress studio in downtown Lancaster, PA. After visiting our local printing museum, years of training and taking classes, she started buying presses and taking on jobs.

While her day-to-day print work consists mainly of wedding invitations and business cards, she tries to focus on getting the community involved whenever possible. She opened up the shop and set up the presses for people to visit and print their own posters.

Megan also organizes an annual print crawl that involves a variety of different local print shops who all work alongside our very own PCA&D students who design the poster. She is always looking to collaborate whenever possible to produce personalized cards, posters, and promotional pieces.

Megan incorporates a great deal of her real-world experience into her classroom to try to prepare students for their careers as much as possible. It is very important to her to help each and every student to find their own voice and style in design while helping them to create well thought out and well-produced pieces. Our art and design students of today are what help make our world more informed and beautiful tomorrow!


Fashion Institute of Technology (NYC) - BFA- Graphic Design

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