Paul Holzer

Adjunct Instructor

Center for Creative Exploration

Paul Holzer is an artist, digital media designer, photographer, videographer, and web developer. Paul has had multiple titles including art director, website designer, senior visual designer, digital media coordinator at ad agencies, and corporations.

Paul teaches courses in digital media, Adobe Creative Cloud, design thinking, photography, graphic and website design, fine arts, and professional development. He is also a current member and previous board member of the American Institute of Graphic Arts (AIGA) of Central PA. Published work and awards include storefront window photography for Hershey Company in Times Square, GD USA magazine, Communication Arts, tED magazine, Power/mation magazine, Global Brand Award for Phoenix Contact, and National PR Week Communications Award.

With over five years of teaching experience and twenty years of ad agency and corporate in-house digital media, Paul’s goal as an insightful design leader and educator is to provide direction that puts other creatives in a strong position to succeed.


Marywood University - MFA in Visual Arts

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh - BS in Graphic Design

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