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Future Students

The world is affected by art and design

As a PCA&D student, you do more than make art. You communicate bold ideas with authenticity. Ideas that spark important conversations and influence decisions.

BFA Degrees Your Investment Careers & Preparation

Think. Make. Communicate.

Art is humanity’s most evocative, most timeless medium for expressing ideas and sharing information. The demand for creativity continues to increase in nearly every field and marketplace. A PCA&D education helps you seize these opportunities. Because in today’s fast-paced, share-it-all, pop-up society, communication is valuable.


We Want to Meet You!

Let’s start the conversation. Find your admissions counselor and begin to discuss your life in art. Visit us in-person. Arrange a personal tour or attend an open house and speak one-on-one with our students and faculty.

You Are Unique

Here, you get to be yourself. You learn to learn from your mistakes, gaining the personal determination needed to succeed. You’re fueled by the energy that radiates when art and artists are all around you. And unlike those who attend a larger college, you aren’t another face in the crowd. Watch our video and learn more about us.

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