Advanced Social Media Marketing

SM 102 : 

credit – online

  • Dates: July 9-August 6th
  • Times: 6 – 9 PM
  • Meetings: 10
  • Days: Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Instructor: Mia Aquino


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In SM 102, Advanced Social Media Marketing, students will go in-depth on social media marketing strategy, including creation, planning, execution, and measurement. Students will understand how to build a strong social media presence for a brand, using both organic and paid tactics. This course will cover best practices for networks such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok, as well as how you can reach your target audience in the social media space. PREREQUISITE: Completion of SM 101 Introduction to Social Media Marketing or equivalent experience.

Weekly Expected Hours of Engagement: 3 

Lecture: 2 Hours Per Week

Engagement Assignment: 15 minutes Per Week

Best in Class Assignment: 15 minutes Per Week

Final Project: 30 minutes Per Week

This course must meet minimum enrollment by July 2nd in order to run. Register today! 

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  • Computer/tablet/internet-enabled device with mic/camera
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  • Laptop or notebook for taking notes
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