Botanical Gel Plate Printmaking: Autumn Leaves Workshop

WS 118 : 

non-credit – in person

  • Dates: October 27
  • Times: 6 – 9 PM
  • Meetings: 1
  • Days: Thursday
  • Instructor: Gabrielle Shelley


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In this workshop, we will experiment with gel plate monoprinting. Gel plates are a great way to enjoy printmaking without the intimidation of specialty tools or equipment. We will use the autumn leaves to create original prints that celebrate the season. Let your creativity run!

This class must meet minimum enrollment by October 20 in order to run. Register today! 

***Please read our CCE Safety Checklist before joining us on campus***

Supply List

  • Gel plate in size of your choice – PCA&D has several available, but you may want one for your own!
  • Leaves, flowers, or other botanical finds
  • Several colors of acrylic or craft paint – does not have to be top quality (this is optional as we will have paints for use) 
  • Optional – watercolor paints and brushes
  • Smooth paper for printing (copy paper is fine), in an appropriate size for your gel plate (at least 5″x7″)
  • Found, flat objects like mesh, bubble wrap, feathers, leaves, corrugated board, etc to create textures and patterns
  • Popsicle sticks, etc for applying paint and texture
  • Q-tips, nail brushes, combs, etc as tools for creating marks in wet paint
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