Creative Coding Workshop

WS 192 : 

non-credit – in person

  • Dates: March 2
  • Times: 10 AM – 1 PM
  • Meetings: 1
  • Days: Saturday
  • Instructor: Elizabeth Engelman


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This introductory workshop explores creative coding through the use of p5.js, a powerful JavaScript library. You will learn the fundamentals of coding while creating interactive and visually engaging projects. From basic shapes and animations to more complex interactions, you will unlock your creativity and gain skills in creative coding. Throughout the workshop, we will have access to a variety of resources, including demonstrations, coding exercises, and references to further enhance their learning journey. By the end of the class, you will have created your own interactive project!

This course must meet minimum enrollment by March 2 in order to run. Register today! 

Supply List

  • Sketchbook or notebook for notetaking
  • A thumb drive or cloud storage account to save class project files. 
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