Exploring Literary Masters: Borges and His Labyrinths

CE 16-01 : 

non-credit – in person


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Explore Jorge Luis Borges’s mind-bending narratives and profound philosophical themes as you delve into the works of this influential Argentinian author, while also crafting your own stories inspired by his unique vision and style. You will utilize the discussion and analysis of this author’s style and vision in order to construct your own narratives and/or poetry. We will explore the motifs of labyrinths, mirrors, dreams, irreality and other seminal Latin American fantasy elements that have influenced literature both in Spanish and English.
In this class, you will complete an original work inspired by the themes and style of Jorge Luis Borges, as well as a deeper understanding of the author’s work and some general comprehension of the transitional texts from modernism to postmodernism.

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  • Pen, paper, optional personal computer/tablet.
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