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Introduction to 2D Character Rigging Animation

HS 82 NC : 

Non-credit – Online

  • Dates: February 16 -March 2
  • Time: 6:30 – 9:30 PM
  • Meetings: 3
  • Days: Wednesdays
  • Instructor: Phil Kieffer


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Learn more about the animation process using 2D cartoon style puppets, or “animation rigs.” This style of animation is an alternative to hand drawn animation that is used to create many modern cartoons. In this class you will use a pre-constructed 2D puppet to learn how move and animate using Adobe Animate while creating your own story. You will also learn how to lip-sync your character to match dialogue and truly bring your scenes to life!

Animations will be produced digitally using Adobe Animate. You should be comfortable with using digital software and have basic computer skills. Experience with programs in the Adobe Creative Suite is recommended and supplemental videos will be provided to help introduce any students completely new to Adobe and its software.

Class will meet live once a week every Wednesday evening at 6:30 pm. Live meetings will consist of lectures, live demos, group critiques, and open studio time to finish projects.

This course must meet minimum enrollment by February 9th in order to run. Register today! 

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  • A email address – PCA&D uses Google Classroom for online classes. Gmail accounts are free to create.
  • Computer/tablet/internet-enabled device with mic/camera
  • Internet access
  • Notebook and Pen/Pencil
  • Adobe Animate. If you do not already have access to Animate, please provide your Adobe ID login email address for access to an active Adobe account (NO subscription necessary) Please contact with your Adobe ID name after registration. The College will grant you access to download the software you need for successful completion of your course starting one week before the class date and one week after the course ends.
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