Introduction to Stop Motion Animation: Grades 6-9

YS 71 : 

Non-credit – In-Person

  • Dates: October 7 – 21
  • Times: 10 AM – 12 PM
  • Meetings: 3
  • Days: Saturdays
  • Instructor: Steve Geist


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In this introductory animation class, students will learn the basics of stop-motion animation and how to apply it to everyday school and personal projects. We will explore a brief overview of stop-motion animation, storyboarding, shot planning, how to create frame-by-frame animations, and editing. We will primarily work on phones and tablets for a simplified process but discuss more advanced techniques. Students can pick their medium and subject matter to explore what is most meaningful to them. 

NOTE: This class requires students to bring a smartphone or tablet for class use with the StopMotion app downloaded. The free version is fine for our use. If you prefer to download the paid version that will also work.

This course must meet minimum enrollment by October 7 in order to run. Register today! 


Supply List

  • Tablet or Smartphone with the StopMotion app downloaded and installed. The free version is fine. The app and project will likely take up an average of 26.4 MB of space. Be sure your device has enough memory and that your child has access to using the app. 
  • Bring some of your desired subjects for your animation (Examples: a Toy, Lego, Play-dough or non-hardening clay, etc.)
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