Staging the Self: Introduction to Self-Portrait Photography

CE 440-02 : 

non-credit – in person

  • Dates: February 10 – March 2
  • Times: 12:30 – 2:30 PM
  • Meetings: 4
  • Days: Saturdays
  • Instructor: Dafna Steinberg


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This photography class will help you explore the art of self-portraiture. Participants at any photographic level are welcome. Through lectures and assignments, you will learn about other artists who make self-portraits as part of their larger bodies of work. Each week, an assignment will be given or you to explore and we will review each other’s work during the following class. In the final discussion, you will leave with a small series of self-portraits and a better understanding of your abilities as a photographer. To complete this class you will need some form of camera (Smartphones are welcomed. Please check the supply list tab for details). 
Image by instructor Dafna Steinberg

This course must meet minimum enrollment by February 3 in order to run. Register today! 

Supply List

  • To complete the assignments, students should have access to a camera they are familiar with, for example, a point-and-shoot, digital SLR, cell phone camera, or film camera.
  • The photograph from the assignment you’d like to bring for discussion on the following day of class can either be emailed to the instructor or you can bring in a print.
  • If you are using a film camera you can have the film processed, and then have the negative for the image you’ve chosen either scanned so it can be emailed, or have a print made from it. We will not be offering darkroom time for this course so be sure you have the off-campus access you need to work with film. 
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