Summer Session 2: Magical Realism in Latin American Literature

HS 69 S2 : 

1 credit – in person


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As a narrative strategy, magical realism aims to blur the boundaries of our perceived reality by its matter-of-fact inclusion of magical elements in a seemingly realistic fiction as a form of social commentary. In this class for students in grades 9-12, we will examine different manifestations of magic realism in Latin American cuentos and their historical context. We will also learn about the various writers, their crafts, and their distinctive techniques and styles. And to further explore, students will write their own short story that examines a current social, political or cultural dilemma by the end of the class.

This is a credit-bearing class and grades will be given. Please check the supply list tab for materials needed to complete this class.

This class must meet minimum enrollment by July 24 in order to run. Register today! 




  • Each students should have their own preferred tool for writing and note-taking. 
  • A email address – PCA&D uses Google Classroom for online classes. Gmail accounts are free to create.
  • Laptop/tablet


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