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Class Capacity and Structure


Artmaking, mentoring, and learning in a small setting and community are defining characteristics of a PCA&D education. Our Return-to-Campus plan preserves this through a blended, hybrid framework for student learning and art-making.

Students work in-person and face-to-face with faculty and peers in small groups within the existing course schedule as well as enhanced learning through virtual experiences. The in-person and virtual learning together creates a hybrid learning environment that will preserve the intimate educational experience students value while adhering to health and safety guidelines. All efforts have been made to preserve as much in-person instruction as possible with priority given to our shop- and materials-based studio experiences while maintaining the intellectual excellence of the broader curriculum.

Core studio and shop-based courses will be held in person and other courses will take place in a hybrid online-plus-embodied version or fully online.


Health guidelines for reopening indicate that the College is limited in the number of students allowed in a classroom or studio at any given time.

Rosters and meeting times will be restructured accordingly so that only 1/3 of any class meets with an instructor face-to-face at any given time.

Classes will invert content delivery to occur outside of class and use contact time with students for micro-critiques, recitation, writing workshops, and small problem-based or applied learning projects.

As occupancy limitations increase or decrease, the ratio for faculty/student group sizes will increase/decrease accordingly.

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