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Dining Guidelines


The hybrid instructional model will limit the number of students and faculty on campus at one time, allowing the ability for physical distancing in common spaces. Furniture on campus will be arranged in ways that allow students to find comfortable seating to work that promotes social distancing.

Students may bring their own meals to campus as long as they are contained in cooler bags, for which neither the refrigerator nor microwave needs to be used. Student Life will provide information to students on how to pack these types of meals and offer tips for meal planning that would meet all dietary needs. To keep common use contamination to a minimum, the community use of the refrigerators on the Atrium and Third floors will not be accessible. The Atrium microwave is only for faculty and staff. The Ave. C microwave is for students.

There should be no eating in the classroom in order to minimize the spread of respiratory droplets. Students have been directed to either eat in the Atrium or Ave. C on the third floor, which are set up appropriately. Faculty and staff may eat in their offices if desired; faculty also has access to the break room on the fifth floor.

Beverages are permitted in most classrooms. However, masks must continue to be worn unless actively drinking your beverage. In other words, you are not allowed to have your mask removed the entire time in anticipation of taking a sip of your beverage.

Cleaning supplies will be provided so that community members can wipe down their space after use and clean up any food remnants from their meal.


Ave. C Marketplace on the third floor will continue to be open and accessible to students. Student Life will be working with the Ave. C team to make sure stocking procedures, payment kiosks, and food access follow CDC guidelines.

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