accepted student day

Student Immersion Experiences

Choose from these experiences when registering to attend our Accepted Student Day

Screen Printing

Dating back to 221 AD, screen printing was popularized in the 1960s by artists such as Andy Warhol, Robert Rauschenberg, and Peter Blake. Join Fine Arts Senior Nicole Wesoloski as she shares her passion for screen printing and familiarizes you with the basics of this ancient art form.

Cintiq Lab Demo

Our Cintiqs are industry-standard equipment used by leading Animation & Game Design companies around the world. This technology is also an incredible tool for Illustration, Graphic Design,Photography & Video students, or any creative person wishing to map out or pre-visualize their ideas. Senior Animation & Game Art student Francisco Maldanado will share with you how he’s utilized this technology to realize his ideas and get him ready for the real world.

Introduction to Fiber Arts

Cotton, linen, yarn, felt, hemp, string, ribbon, wool, silk, acrylic, rayon, and more, join sophomore Illustration student and FIber Arts Club President, Jamie Little, for a tactile creative experience, learning the fundamentals of knitting and crochet and how this “hobby” can inspire your other creative endeavors in other mediums.

PCA&D Maker Space

A hive of creative exploration and activity, the PCA&D Maker Space is a home for our Live Experience Design & Production students where they explore the fundamentals of design technology and staging and lighting production. With access to 3-D printers, laser engraving machines, light and sound boards and more, our students use this Maker Space to prepare for their upper level coursework and experiences at our Rock Lititz partner campus, a world-class hub for live event industry collaboration and development.

Photography Studio Demo

PCA&D is one of the few art & design colleges in the world teaching traditional analog techniques of development, print, and curation. This foundational approach allows our students to truly understand the process of photography, which translates to today’s modern digital equipment. Considered to be among the finest digital cameras on the market, the Hasselblad H6d is a medium format digital camera used by fashion, editorial, and commercial photographers around the world. Learn more about this extraordinary piece of equipment and our comprehensive Photography & Video curriculum with senior P&V student Leona Hatch.

Erasure Collage

Merge your love of language and the visual arts in this interactive, creative session. Professor Caitlin Downs introduces you to the art of erasure collage. You’ll take existing writings and, using various tools, materials, and methods, remove words from the original text to discover new meaning in the words that are left.

Create YOUR Zine!

Fanzines, political zines, anime zines, and more. There is a zine for everyone! Whether you are an experienced zine creator or a first-timer, junior Animation & Game Art student Omar Almanzar will inspire and challenge you to explore this creatively, socially, politically, and culturally impactful art form.