Noël Fry

Fine Art, BFA

Noël Fry uses printmaking and painting to delve into the idea of memory itself — the areas that are blurred and the parts that are crystal clear — as well as the spaces memories exist in.

Fry was a 2018 Emerging Artist at the Mount Gretna Outdoor Art Show and has shown her work at the Lancaster Museum of Art.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania, b.1992

  • Create! Magazine: Women’s Issue
  • West Shore Windows and Doors Commercial
  • Shoulda Been a Poet: Lancaster Museum of Art
  • Inhabitance Group show, Lancaster, PA
  • Mount Gretna Art Show, Mount Gretna, PA
  • A Murray Affair,San Francisco, CA
  • Lancaster Young Artist Award, Gold and Silver Medals
Pennsylvania College of Art & Design
204 N. Prince St. Lancaster, PA 17603