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At Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, we are makers & dreamers, designers & entrepreneurs.

Located in the heart of Lancaster’s thriving arts community, inspiration can be found around every corner. As a vibrant micro-college of art & design, it’s the personal attention and guidance from our faculty of working artists, coupled with internships and hands-on experiences, that set us apart.

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At Pennsylvania College of Art & Design, our mission is to spark creativity within everyone. Welcoming learners of all kinds in a vibrant, inclusive community, we provide a comprehensive range of educational opportunities including bachelor’s and associate degrees, certificates, and professional credentials, as well as enrichment and lifelong learning programs for all ages. We believe creativity enriches experiences and transforms communities, and we believe creatives design the future.


Our vision is to trailblaze in creative education. We envision PCA&D as a nexus where teaching and learning, innovation and entrepreneurship, and our partners and campus community join to ignite imagination, inspire transformation, and reshape the creative economy, at home in Pennsylvania and as far as we dare to reach.


As a nonprofit, independent professional art and design college, our values guide institutional decision-making, inform the design of educational experiences, and define our learning environment. We believe it all begins with taking the risk to be creative.

Creativity is a fulfilling, lifelong endeavor.

Whatever your motivation to create, we support learners of all ages and at all stages in their creative journeys. We believe in play and transformation in equal measure, and we balance critical thinking and effective communication with creativity.

Creativity drives innovation.

In a rapidly changing world, we believe creativity is required to meet new challenges and solve new problems. We challenge ourselves to innovate and lead change in the education sector, and we challenge students to embrace an entrepreneurial spirit.

Creativity is richest when everyone’s voice is included.

We are committed to supporting an inclusive, respectful, collaborative community that celebrates diversity. Our community is strongest when each individual is valued, and we are accountable to one another. We are committed to an ethical, equitable, student-centered learning environment.

Creativity transforms communities.

We strive to make a lasting impact through meaningful community engagement and collaboration. And we value partners who provide unique and critical learning experiences for students.